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CM's - how do you manage your DC's after school activities?

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lechatnoir Mon 12-Nov-12 19:28:30

I currently have 2 mindees in my books both of which are collected before 5 & need more work. My latest enquiry is for 2 days, for a baby from 1pm plus after school for the sibling which financially would be very welcome. However I'm unsure partly because it's taking my 1 baby space on 2 days but only being paid from lunchtime, but also because one of my DC has an after school activity on one day that I'd need to either take or collect him from (I lift share with another mum so only 1 way) but the timings just wouldn't work with these two due to tea / pick-up clashing with the club times!
Did you all find your own DC have had to forego some/all after school activities because of CM or have you only accepted work that fits in?

HSMM Mon 12-Nov-12 21:01:12

Probably not what you want to hear, but DD either did not do her activities, or I didn't work during those hours, or the mindees also did the same activities (with their parents permission).

GrimAndHumourless Mon 12-Nov-12 21:04:23

mine didn't do their activities, though we did saturday swimming/sunday rugby kinda stuff

we sucked it up - it's the same as if I had been WOTH, they would not have been able to go

ReetPetit Mon 12-Nov-12 22:05:24

if you can afford to turn the work down - then do. it depends how important your ds's after school activity is to you/him?

personally, my dc don't get to do after school activities. I am working and that comes first. Same as if I were going out to work, they would not be able to do activities on my work days unless i had someone else to take them.

my 2 ds's do saturday activities instead.

and aside from that, if i was asked to work from 1pm - i would still charge for a full day as the child is still taking up your place for that day - unless you get enquiries for morning places? i never do and can't see i ever would so charge for a full day regardless of hours used.

lechatnoir Mon 12-Nov-12 22:55:26

Hmmm need to think further about the activity which I know he loves & would be really upset if he had to leave. One of the reasons I left my job was to spend more quality time with the DC and I just hadn't factored this in for some reason!

Thanks Reetpetit for the tip I hadn't considered that as an option and it would certainly make the sacrifice seem more worthwhile.

wishiwasonholiday Mon 12-Nov-12 23:12:56

Could you drop the mindees home if clashing with pick up? Or give them a later tea/not do tea if its at the wrong time? My ds doesn't do after school stuff but school is a 10 min car journey, I also won't pick mindees up from clubs it costs too much going backwards and forwards all the time with a lunchtime pick up too.

mrsthomsontobe Tue 13-Nov-12 00:34:12

My daughters earliest activity starts at 6 others 6.30. Kids are usually always away but have in the past have dropped my daughter off then drove to childs house and dropped off. Parents get to head straight home and get their child bk about 15mins after they normally would of had they picked up from my house. Is it not possible for the other mum to always take them what time do they need picked up does tht still clash or could you do the pick up. I would speak with other mum as even if your child stops going tht other mum is going to have to do both runs to allow their child to go so might aswell take yours . Always worth asking.

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