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Ofsted complaint. Fabricated concerns!!!

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twinkletoescare Thu 08-Nov-12 20:18:13

This is my first post on here for literally years!!!

Anyway..... I'm going to make this as short as possible..
I had my ofsted inspection Monday,which went very well....retained my good grade and told I'm "a fraction form outstanding" but part of the reason why I was inspected was that ofsted had received a complaint about me.

I was totally and utterly baffled as the complaint raised 6 different issues and I was sure they had the wrong childminder!
One complaint was that I "smoke in the house but cover the smell with lots of air fresher" .....I don't smoke,haven't for 15 years and am asthmatic and THE biggest anti smoker you will ever come across!
Every single issue that was raised was false, the only way I know who made the allegations was the inspector told me the sex/ages of the children and that they were siblings.

Theses children left my care 3years ago!! The parent had NEVER expressed any concern about my care or my setting.

Why leave it 3 years to complain?!

Ofsted obviously saw no evidence of any of the issues (as they are all made up!) and no action will be taken and the complaint won't show on my records/report.

BUT my problem is, I live in a small village where you can't fart in public without it being in the local paper the next week, and I have someone making false allegations about me!!

What can I do?

apotomak Thu 08-Nov-12 20:26:58

Boast about the recent inspection and being so fantastically good and how Ofsted was impressed with what you do.
I don't think there's much more you can do. The person who complained is obviously waiting to see something bad happen to you. I wouldn't even mention to them you know it's them. You know what they say ... keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

ISingSoprano Thu 08-Nov-12 20:32:51

Rise above it and retain the moral high ground! You have been inspected and Ofsted are not upholding any of the complaint so I don't think there is any point doing anything more. Well done by the way!

twinkletoescare Thu 08-Nov-12 20:33:14

Yes apotomak that's what I've been doing, some serious trumpet blowing!
I'm just worried she will keep on lieing!

twinkletoescare Thu 08-Nov-12 20:36:31

Thank you isingsoprano grin

Italiana Thu 08-Nov-12 21:28:50

I would be very surprised if ofsted carried out an inspection simply because someone said you smoked...usually they tell you what the concerns are but not the name of the complainant

EYFS2012 states that we can now deal with complaints ourselves (not safeguarding which do warrant an immediate inspection) so that ofsted can save money...we need to carry out the necessary policy procedures and log them

What were the other reasons that warranted the inspection if you were able to show the children left your care 3 years ago? did the inspector tell you why they waited 3 years to inspect?

twinkletoescare Fri 09-Nov-12 07:59:27

It wasn't just the smoking in the house,also that I left the children with strangers all day whilst I had a manicure,I dragged and shouted at the children whilst walking to school,I had every 2nd and 3rd Wednesday of the month off but didn't tell her until she turned up at the door, along with 3 other points!

Ofsted hadn't waited 3 years to inspect, the parent put the complaint in to ofsted in mid October THIS YEAR!

Just to clarify that my inspection was already overdue and this complaint prompted the inspection. So the parent done me a favour as I now don't have that dreaded inspection phone call looming thing grin

Ofsted didn't tell me the name of the parent but did tell me the ages and sex of the children .in 8 years of childminding I've only cared for one set of siblings wo happened to be the same sex and age relating to the complaint.

The parent also mentioned that her son "was too fragile to walk to school and she assumed as I had a car I would drive" ...... This confirmed in my mind who it was as she often described her son as "fragile" .....btw it's in my policy's that we ALWAYS walk the school run.

All very strange.
But I'm rising above it and holding my head high and telling everyone and anyone how well my inspection went grin

But if I'm honest I feel very hurt and worried that more false accusations will be made. We are in such a vulnerable position aren't we. sad

Italiana Fri 09-Nov-12 08:14:26

Sorry I didn't mean to sound as if I was questioning you and you do not need to justify
It is obvious you are now aware who the parents are...
I feel you should raise a concern that this was a malicious complaint exactly because the parents waited 3 years to complain!

Yes well done in your is good you are telling us as this will act as a warning to us that we are very vulnerable and of course with Ofsted now employing freelance inspectors it maybe that they are over reacting?

I will put this question at the ofsted Q&A session on 17 Nov to clarify complaints

apotomak Fri 09-Nov-12 09:36:02

Ofsted now only come out to visit as a result of serious complaint. The complaint OP describes rises serious safeguarding/child protection issues. For example the fact of leaving children in care of somebody else so that the childminder can have some beauty treatment and dragging and shouting at children on the way to school. That's why they came out. They have obviously found there is no evidence of that and that you are complying with everything you should. They do know that there is a certain number of people who will complain and use their imagination to create reasons. However they do have to follow up each complaint even if it took the complainer 3 years to come forward. They are not overacting.
We are VERY vunreable. What really annoys me is that if parent is unhappy about the service they can complain to Ofsted or even Childrens' Services. We can do nothing to them unless they break the law or fail to pay and we get the insurers to act on our behalf.
I know one parent who is currently looking for childminder ... there were 5 childminders involved in care since May this year. There was always Ofsted, Childrens' Services and police involved when notice was given. The trouble she makes is unbelievable and to be honest sickening. Yet she's still free to pick up the phone and ring anybody registered.

Italiana Fri 09-Nov-12 11:09:40

What I am interested in finding out is what happens when Ofsted, as in this case, realise it was a malicious complaint?

I know they have to report to the complaianant that nothing was found but is the person who made the malicious complaint then just free to go and do it again? or do some complaints come under defamation of character?
We need a union !!!

FireOverBabylon Fri 09-Nov-12 11:21:50

Twinkle, where did the siblings move on to? could the complaint actually be meant for their current child care provider?

minderjinx Fri 09-Nov-12 12:06:09

What are NCMA for if we still need a union to represent our interests and concerns?

apotomak Fri 09-Nov-12 13:19:49

Yes Italiana ... the person is free to go ... and complain again about this or any other provider. Ofsted is there to regulate us not the parents.
Deformation of character is a grey area. Not really worth going into if you haven't got the money for lawyers because the insurance company will not want to take part in it. It's just too expensive and pretty much waste of time and unnecessary stress.
What happens in this case is the complaint is logged and stays on file but not visible to the public. That's it.

looneytune Fri 09-Nov-12 14:32:23

Nothing happens to the person who complained. I had 2 complaints from the same person (never knew for sure but think was dh's mum as can't think of anyone else who would make up such stuff!). The 2nd time the inspector appeared to have not believed it before she came out but had a duty to follow it up as normal. It could happen again, it's horrible and they get away with it!

Italiana Fri 09-Nov-12 15:30:37

NCMA is our representing Association not a UNION...very different
I understand from a Unite rep that we can also belong even if self employed...he is looking into for me and I will keep you posted

I will also look into malicious complaints when not upheld and see what the score is
I know your complaint will remain but not on your records visible to this case I would fight to get it removed...that's my view entirely
I am a bit sick of constantly worrying when the next nutter comes along with fantasies and we agree we are vulnerable

Have you thought of telling NCMA and see what the response is? they have a legal dept

twinkletoescare Fri 09-Nov-12 17:10:37

fireoverbabylon they moved on 3 years ago and have had numerous different nannys since.... The complaint was DEFO for me as she named my son and the route to school we walk.

italiana I'm no longer an NCMA member as felt I may aswell just throw my money down the drain! I'm with Morton Michel tho who also offer advice.
I totally agree about having a union.. We are SO vulnerable.

I've written to ofsted to express my concerns and ask them what next? What happens if she carries on with her malicious bull**it?! (Ok I may not have said bullshit to ofsted!!)

looneytune it's so unfair isn't it? The complainer should at least be told that they have wasted time,money and resources.

Italiana Fri 09-Nov-12 18:05:27

Does anybody have any objections if I put this matter on NCMA Local? No names...just to see what the reaction is from c/ms?

twinkletoescare Fri 09-Nov-12 18:07:25

I Certainly don't have any objection! Go for it grin

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