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How do I find a nanny/tutor?

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cazzym123 Wed 07-Nov-12 09:16:15

Hello. I am based in SW London and looking to employ a nanny/tutor for my 2 boys (7 and 5). Basically, I'm after someone who can pick them up from school & bring them home or to after-school activity, prepare a little snack for them, help them to focus on their homework and prepare their evening meal. Fundamentally, they have to be able to tutor the boys through the basics of literacy, numeracy and spellings plus be able to help and develop their creative skills - particularly music and art (the boys do lots of sport at the weekend). I would also like them to start learning a language. Is this starting to sound like a wish list?

The eldest is going to take the 8+ next year and I would like to start supporting the youngest one now as I am a little worried he has not taken to education and learning in quite the same way. Could anyone point me in the direction of how to find such a wonderful nanny/tutor?

I'm a little concerned about using online job boards as the experience of many friends is overwhelming response but too few suitable candidates. I am looking for someone special. Any recommendations or experience of any excellent agencies or professional job boards to use? It would also be interesting to know the market rate for someone like this - there are conventional nanny duties but also tutoring responsibilities. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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