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Advice from nannies and experienced nanny users please - I think I need before and after school nanny, 3 days, Nottingham.

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FlopsyMopsyCottontail Tue 06-Nov-12 23:19:47

I am new to using nannies but I think I need one.

I have kids at infant school and a job starting in the new year that will be 3 days pw, starting 8 or 9am (variable) and finishing 5.30 -6 pm. I need someone to arrive at my house when I leave at 7.30- 8 am, finish breakfast/ shoes/coats and drop the kids off. Then pick kids up at 3.20, do snack, possibly one ballet lesson a week (if we can still afford it!), tea etc til when I get home a 6-6.30pm.
I could also do with some house stuff/tidying/cleaning/ironing done whilst kids are at school. I am not sure if that's ever allowed/usual -it clearly isn't childcare - or if there is enough work to fill three full school days. But otherwise what does the nanny do from 9am - 3pm?

I do have a younger baby so I suppose the nanny could look after the baby, but they are very settled in a fantastic nursery and I am reluctant to move them, although perhaps one of the three days would be a compromise.

Does this kind of childcare exist? I imagine so in London but what about outside London? How do I go about hunting for such a person?What does it cost? Completely confused and anxious at the moment!!

OldLadyKnowsNothing Wed 07-Nov-12 01:03:07

I think an au pair would be more suited to your needs. Do you have a spare room?

Or maybe a housekeeper/nanny, with the emphasis on housekeeper?

It may be worth your while describing the job on Gumtree and see how you feel about the applicants. Would you also expect this person to be available if/when your dc are ill and cannot attend school/nursery?

nannynick Wed 07-Nov-12 06:29:59

How many children do you have?
What childcare would you need during school holidays?
For children at school - how long will they be at the same school, rather than say 2 different schools?
How much are nursery fees (hourly or weekly) - if you have a nanny working 8-6 or whatever hours, having baby in nursery does not make sense to me. If you had an au-pair, or just before/afterschool care then it may make sense.
Do you have a spare bedroom and would you want to share your home with a teenager/early 20's?

forevergreek Wed 07-Nov-12 09:44:03

I would just get a nanny full time for 3 days to care for all children including baby. Baby might be settled at nursery but with a nanny would have 1-1 all day and form a closer bond than many staff at nursery

If your out of London this would also be easier to find I think as a effort and after school nanny only can't really survive on just that so many don't choose.

Having a 3 day rather than just before and after would also mean you are covered for over half of holiday time and sickness of school age children

Derbys Wed 07-Nov-12 11:07:04

I work as a nanny in the East Midlands and have had quite a few jobs in Nottingham. You shouldn't have a problem finding a nanny although it will be more appealing to a nanny to do 3 full days. I know quite a few nannies in the area looking for work. If you pm me I will give you more info

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 07-Nov-12 14:14:53

take your baby out of nursery and get a 3 day nanny 7.30-6ish

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