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Fibertie Mon 05-Nov-12 21:10:49

Hi, I am looking for a childminder during school holidays, my daughter is at Highfield Prep and is 5 next week.
The first school holiday we require cover for is Christmas, starting 14th December from 8.45 to 4ish....

mindingalongtime Tue 06-Nov-12 16:22:41

Where's Highfield prep? One of mine breaks up on the 8th DEcember , the others the 14th, I do holiday cover for private schools.

Tanith Tue 06-Nov-12 18:44:06

Which Highfield Prep do you mean? There's a Highfield not far from me, but I thought the nursery and pre-prep children were Brookham School (same site).

I seem to remember there's also one in Berkshire as well.

mindingalongtime Tue 06-Nov-12 19:10:39

Prep for Harrogate College too

Italiana Tue 06-Nov-12 21:36:50

There are a lot of parents looking for childcare..
it would help if they stated which area they are from or even Local Authority (there are 152 of them) as c/ms in this forum could be from any of them so we could respond more precisely.

I am still unsure where Fibertie is or the school

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