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Me again. Free Education for three and four year olds can I apply?

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MUM2BLESS Sat 03-Nov-12 20:59:25

I know these places are available. At one time cm's had to be acredited. I am not but I got a good in my last inspection.

Some advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

sillymillysmummy Sat 03-Nov-12 21:12:45

Depends on your LA. I cannot access this money in mine. It's a 'closed book' no new cm are allowed.

MUM2BLESS Sat 03-Nov-12 22:00:32

Thanks sillymillysmummy

I got a card which states you are invited to join the free easly education scheme.

Has anyone signed up for this

MUM2BLESS Sat 03-Nov-12 22:01:13

I am in Hertfordshire.

Italiana Sat 03-Nov-12 22:16:32

Mum2bless If your LA has a network you have to join it and become Accredited, according to their Terms and Conditions, this is possibly an assessment process involving the co-ordinator visiting you over some time until you reach their standards of competence

Accredited c/ms do 'nothing different' from the rest of us except you have to have regard to the SEN Code of Practice, which we all do anyway, then you draw the funding, whatever this amounts to in your LA

Some LAs have a network others don't so up to you to find out what your LA rules aware that the funding from your LA maybe lower than your actual fees you have to bear the loss

C/ms with good or outstanding grades qualify to deliver the 2 year old funding on top of giving it to 3 and 4 year olds...not sure what you mean when you say 'these places are available'?

Networks are the very reason why c/ms cannot give the free is an 'exclusive club' for the few (IMHO) and rules have recently changed as the DfE has stepped in to ensure c/ms can deliver without belonging to a network but LAs have their own criteria
Hope this helps you

mindingalongtime Sun 04-Nov-12 08:32:03

It has changed just recently in Herts to make it easier for c/ms to offer Early Years Education. You used to have completed HQS but now there is just a simple audit form, should and musts. Level 3 and a good inspection outcome.

There are many areas of deprivation in Herts that will be eligible for funding for 2 year olds, especially Stevenage. It will benefit a lot of childminders there as they only charge £3.50 an hour fir minding and will get £5.00 for funded places, but where I am we charge £7.00 so there will not be such a large take up.

I have been offering funded places for 10 years, we have no networks left and there is no support for those who have been offering education. You have to wait until after the half term to get the funding and cant charge up front and refund either. So hopefully this will change. I doubt it

Italiana Sun 04-Nov-12 08:46:05

Yes mindingalongtime
You are correct there is a lot of discrepancy in Networks (which LA has them which does not) and now that the LAs receive less funding form the DFE they have abandoned those who belong to a network
NCMA has over the years supported them now they are 'reviewing' them'... I feel this is too late!!

The DfE has published a document recently saying all c/ms with Good/outstanding grades should be allowed to deliver the 2 year old funding even if they do not belong to a network, but some LAs have 'their own' policies and continue to block c/ms from the 'discrimination' continues

Honestly as a c/m I cannot afford to subsidise free childcare anyway (see Universal childcare thread...many parents expect LA funding is 50% below my fees)
It makes me mad to know how very few people are aware of what has been going on in our LAs and how long it has been allowed to go c/ms find themselves without support and under fire!!

How many LAs have published their expenditure?...they all say funding has been cut but they are protected because the DfE funding is not 'ringfenced' and they are expected by law to provide training

It is unfortunately very political and, believe you me, c/ms are losing out a lot
and this is only the beginning...

MUM2BLESS Tue 06-Nov-12 21:05:29

Thank you so much for your comments.

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