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oh help me to count my holiday entiletment

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mojenko310585 Fri 02-Nov-12 19:11:27

I started work on 4of June and finish on 9 of November
I worked 4 days a week....Took 10days of holiday already
Now it come to the point where employer is asking me to work extra 4 days as I took more than holiday I should.
Please can someone explain me how to count my holiday and how much I own actually own them???thank you

RancerDoo Fri 02-Nov-12 19:17:15

If you google you will find a holiday calculator from the government.
I had a quick look and think you are entitled to 9.7 days for that period. But how many you have taken rather depends on whether or not you work Mondays( so whether you have had bank holidays - the govt figures inckude paid bank hols).

mojenko310585 Fri 02-Nov-12 19:20:40

i had one bank holiday

nannynick Fri 02-Nov-12 20:34:34

The Holiday Entitlement Calculator makes it 9.8 days.

Your entitlement for the Holiday Year is: 5.6 weeks x days worked per week. Therefore for the year, the it is 22.4 days.

Your Holiday Year started on 4th June 2012 unless your contract says otherwise.

If you work on a Monday then the following Bank Holidays you may or may not have worked.
04 JuneMondaySpring bank holiday
05 JuneTuesdayQueen’s Diamond Jubilee
27 AugustMondaySummer bank holiday

Do you have any notes about what days you actually worked when you first started your job, as there are two Bank Holidays in your first week of work.

Unless your contract says otherwise, your holiday entitlement (22.4 days) includes Bank Holidays that fall on a working day. So if they were your working days and if you did not go into work but have been paid for those days, then they come out of your holiday entitlement. Does your 10 days off include any Bank Holidays that were on a working day?

If your first day of work was Monday 4th June and your last day of work is Friday 9th November, and you work 4 days per week, then I make that 92 working days. If you are working different hours on different days, then holiday may be calculated in hours rather than days.
If you did 40 hours a week, then that's 920 hours for the 23 full weeks you have worked. Divide by 8.29 (or multiply by 12.07%), gives you 110.98 hours. You would then deduct the hours from that, as per what your working hours would have been on the days you took as holiday.

Has your employer told you how they have calculated your holiday entitlement, thus why they think you owe them 4 days?

mojenko310585 Fri 02-Nov-12 20:47:16

thank you so much it really hepl

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