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part time nannies

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sleeplessinderbyshire Mon 29-Oct-12 15:55:06

Apologies for what has become a marathon post!

Just starting to think about going back to work. I have a 3yr old who has been blissfully happy in a private nursery since she was 6 months old. I also have a baby who will be 6 months old when i go back to work. My husband used to work from home at least 3days a week and did the majority of the pick ups from nursery as I do not finish til 6pm at the earliest. He has just secured a consultancy contract for 18m-2y where he will have to leave the house at 7am and return at 630/7pm. Nursery is about 3 mins drive from work/5mins from home

My week is complicated in that i work

Mon 820am til 550pm (1 in 4 weeks this is til 630 or 7pm) alternate weeks I have a work meeting 730pm til 10pm as well

Tues day off

Weds flexible day from which I can always escape by 530 and usually a lot sooner, often flexible working from home and DD only usually goes to nursery 1pm-530pm

Thurs 815am-550pm most weeks but sometimes finish at 1pm and once a month work 4-9pm and off in the day

Fri 815-130pm most weeks but 1/5 weeks 8-630/7pm and 1/5 8-550

DD1 starts school next sept.

Am considering trying to get a p/t nanny and thinking about both going to nursery Mon, Thur, Fri mornings and weds afternoon and trying to find a nanny to work from 1pm til 7ish mon, thur, fri with occasional monday evening babysitting and the understanding that she/he would be paid for the 3 afternoons but I would usually be home and let her go early on the thur/fri when I finish earlier (ie 18hr a week contract but usually actually working 14hr or so but paid for the full 18 regardless). Plan would be nanny picks girsl up from nursery at 1 has them all afternoon and when DD1 starts school nanny will pick DD2 up at 1 and then collect DD1 at 320.

DD1 loves nursery (and 15hr are free) and the nursery have been amazingly flexible and perfect up til now so I don't want a f/t nanny as I would prefer the girls to do some nursery time as well also I cannot imagine a nanny being cheaper than nursery as I pay £32 a day for nursery (and 15hrs are free for DD1).

Have I a hope in hell of finding anyone for this sort of job? Am desperately trying to negotiate with my colleagues for a more fixed rota pattern to help out with childcare but as I am not an employee and the others do not want a change I am not holding out much hope (I suppose I could resign but that is not on the preferred option list right now!)

nannynick Mon 29-Oct-12 18:40:33

What is the estimated commute time for you to get to / from work?

DH, leaves home 7am, back by 7pm.

Dh leaves 7am, you start 8.20am (what time would you leave home?)
Dh gets home 7pm. You get home variable.
So looks like childcare needed 7am to 7pm.

Your day off, so no childcare needed - or may that change on occasion?

What time would you leave for work (or start working at home)?
What time would you be back by?
This could turn out to be a 7am-6pm childcare need, perhaps 7am-7pm.

Again your hours of leaving home/arriving back are needed.
So for now assume 7am-7pm childcare needed.

Childcare needed 7am-7pm, 2 out of 5 weeks. 3 out of 5 weeks may have earlier finish time.

>DD1 starts school next sept.
What happens then? Looks like you would need some before/after school care for her. She won't be able to go to nursery before/after school, will she?

What time is nursery open from - 7am?

Nanny working 1pm to 7pm might work but what is the cost of nursery for 7am-1pm? DD1 gets some hours free but DD2 won't. Would DD1 get all 15 hours if she only attends nursery 7am-1pm? Those 15 hours are term time only, so there are full costs for other weeks.

>I am not an employee
Are you a partner in the business perhaps... but something like being a GP in a Practice so you have to cover all the hours and being the last to join you get the shifts no one else wants?

The more you can fix the hours of work for the nanny, the more chance I feel you have of finding someone. Whilst some people can be flexible in what they work, they will have an income they need to earn and a social life to plan.

Nursery and nanny combo may work now but will it work once DD1 is at school?

What about childminders in your area, are any of them able to provide childcare until 7pm?

sleeplessinderbyshire Mon 29-Oct-12 19:22:54

Thanks nannynick. Work is 3 mins drive. Nursery 6 mins from home, 3 mins from work. So need mon 8-630 thurcsamexand fri same on bad week. Weds is 930 til5 on a bad day but dd1 booked jnto nursery only 1-5 with extra morning if needed ( hardly ever as i fit my weds am work into evenings unless i have a meeting or teaching committment)

sleeplessinderbyshire Mon 29-Oct-12 19:24:36

Ps nursery will do school holiday club and will do school pick up. Preferred school has breakfast club from 730 if needed

sleeplessinderbyshire Mon 29-Oct-12 19:55:55

sorry for typos above, was on phone and feeding baby at same time.

Monday 8ish til 630/7
Weds 1-530 (planning to keep this a nursery afternoon)
Thurs 8-6 most weeks but occasionally 8-7
Fri 8-1 most weeks but 2/5 8-630

complicated huh? Trying to negotiate a fixed rota so would always be the same late day and if husband gets contract finalised he might ask for early finish one day a week...

nannynick Mon 29-Oct-12 20:48:03

On the plus side you work very near home so have a very short commute of which I expect many parents will be envious.

What hours does nursery operate? Is the problem that they close at 5pm?

sleeplessinderbyshire Mon 29-Oct-12 20:56:00

nursery shuts at 530 but one can negotiate a 6pm finish easily. The trouble is the late days (and you are right I am a GP) where I might have a late visit or 2 to do. On the occasions it has happened in the past DD1 has been left with a receptionist whilst I go off and see the patient but that's not really an option on a regular basis especially with 2 kids

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