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What should I leave for my 16yo babysitter

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Noomininoo Fri 26-Oct-12 12:55:51

Me & my DH are going to the cinema together for the first time in about 2yrs tonight whilst leaving our 2 DDs (aged 2 & 5yo) in the care of our neighbour's 16yo daughter.

Trouble is, we've never employed a babysitter before (other than family) so don't really know what the etiquette is. Should I leave drinks/snacks for her? If so what...? I don't keep snacks in the house as they're far too tempting & I have zero willpower blush so I will need to go out today to get some if I do need to provide them.

Is there anything else I need to know...? Feel a bit of a novice at this blush

callaird Fri 26-Oct-12 13:47:44

It depends on what time you are going out! If I start babysitting at 6pm, it would be nice to have some tea provided, a pizza or raid the freezer for something, but I only babysit for people I know well and I'm happy to raid their freezer.

If I start at 7pm, I eat before I go.

Some biscuits, crisps or fruit is nice.

A variety of drinks, I don't drink tea or coffee so the families will get in something they know I will drink.

Let her know where she can find a torch and/or candles, just in case of a power cut! Tell her about locking the doors. I had one job where the family were out until 3am, I was sleeping over night, I couldn't find a key to lock the front door, I spent 7 hours with no tv on, jumping every time I heard the slightest sound.

Ask if she'd like the code for the Internet to save her contracted amount (unless she can pick up her home hub from yours)

Make sure you let her know about favourite cuddlies if the children should wake up. And how you deal with them waking, the slightest change in routine could lead to you coming home with the kids in front of the tv!

And enjoy yourself!

eastmidlandsnightnanny Sat 27-Oct-12 13:27:11

see I always take snacks with me and if there are some there for me then thats a bonus but dont expect them however when I was a teenager babysitting then suppose I did expect some crisps/choc and drink.

Babysat in a country manor last fri night for wedding guests and they brought some lovely drinks for me and crisps but had taken crisps and choc and can drink with me and didnt expect anything provided.

Maybe get a share bag size of crisps, and bottle diet coke

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