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Diwali crafts for pre-schoolers?

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SheilaWheeler Fri 26-Oct-12 10:42:20

I child-mind 2 two-year-olds and I would like to do something about diwali with them this year.

Does anyone have any simple crafts we could do together? I had a quick look on Activity Village but it all seems too complex for their age group.

By the way, the little boy is very much of the 'done that - next' type of crafter!

mumlove Fri 26-Oct-12 20:20:25

I have done this paper craft with my little mindees.
They colour it, then either they cut it out or I do, then they stick it together.

Pi1978 Sat 27-Oct-12 13:49:15

Making lamps out of play dough or salt dough.

Printing some rangoli patterns to scribble on colour in.

Make wooden spoon puppets or finger puppets and tell the Rama and Sita story with everyone joining in with their puppets.

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