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West London mum needs experienced childminder/nanny (CRB etc) asap for unusual hours

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Mamasbelle Wed 24-Oct-12 17:16:14

I am on a post graduate course for two years which requires me to complete 7 placements of different lengths, the shortest being just over 4 weeks and the longest 13 weeks

I need someone to (for the moment) pick my 16 mo up from the child minder and play with him, feed and put him to bed during my shifts which in November will probably be a 3 day pattern finishing at 8.30pm so this person would need to pick him up at 6pm and be there until 9.30 pm

These needs may vary during the two years so although I can guarantee a global volume of hours, I'm not sure of all the times in advance as this would depend on my rotas.

Pick up from childminder is at present Acton and going to Ealing where I live.

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