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Nannies/Childminders - if working when pregnant when did you stop?

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Dordeydoo Sun 21-Oct-12 23:25:29

Not pregnant yet but just considering things.
How far gone were you before you stopped working?
How/when did you tell the parents you were pregnant?

lechatnoir Sun 21-Oct-12 23:34:12

My cm told me she was pregnant soon after her 12 week scan & had 6 weeks off for under 5's but just 4 weeks for her 2 schoolies as she still had to do the school run with her eldest DS.

ZuleikaD Mon 22-Oct-12 06:14:29

I'm a CM and 19 weeks now. I plan to tell the family when I'm about 23 weeks (am still at the looking-fat stage rather than obviously pg) as I am planning to take six months leave and I expect they'll start looking for a replacement pretty much immediately. If they don't, then I would plan to work until about 8 months as their dd requires a lot of sling-time and I don't really want to be doing that while mahoosively pg.

Doraemon Mon 22-Oct-12 06:36:40

I'm stopping at 28 weeks, but had two prem babies already and started labour at 29 weeks last time. I told them pretty early,about eight weeks I think, because we wanted to tell our boys and they can't keep secrets! I'm 20 weeks now and already down to one toddler mindee . I don't drive for work and double buggy up hills was killing me. We're lucky we can afford for of to take nine months off. Hats off to all those who manage to keep working!

NickNacks Mon 22-Oct-12 08:09:12

I worked up until 38+3. It was the end of the summer hols and I had two of my own to still occupy so it made sense. They all found new mindees to start at beginning of the September term and I took the full 9 months off so started afresh when i came back.

TheHamish Mon 22-Oct-12 08:18:21

I worked until 34 weeks, but I was a live-in nanny Mon - Fri doing a minimun of 60 hours a week, sometimes 75. I just wanted to get back to my home to prepare for the baby. In reality I cleaned for a week then collapsed in a heap for the remainder of the time.

Ebb Mon 22-Oct-12 12:02:15

I was a nanny and worked until 36 weeks. I did find the last few weeks tough as I had nerve issues with my leg and MB ( Mum boss ) insisted on me walking the baby for an hour a day in her pram. DS arrived at 38wks so I'm glad I stopped when I did. I left that job due to the long hours / weekends / over nights and found a job where I took Ds which was only a 9mth contract which suited me as I wanted a second child. Mc'd in that job and got pregnant again at the very end of the contract which was good really as I did have a rough pregnancy and didn't have to worry about letting parents down. Luckily we could just afford for me to be a home.

greenbananas Mon 22-Oct-12 14:01:57

I told parents very early (before 12 week scan) and stopped work at 30 weeks. I will be taking a full 9 months maternity leave. I wanted to have time to spend with my own DS before baby was born, and also to do some serious cleaning and painting.

I'm glad I stopped so early because the last few weeks were very hard. I felt tired all the time and pushing the double buggy was making me feel awful.

2plus1 Mon 22-Oct-12 15:14:51

I am not a nanny but employed a nanny who was (unknown to us) already pregnant when they started with us. They were trying to conceal the pregnancy for as long as pos but due to some sickness early on had to confess. Generally, it seems like 12 wks scan is the prefered time to tell once all is well. Our nanny planned to work for a minimum 6 months with us to qualify for MA payments and hoped to return with a new baby. We already have three energetic toddlers home all day which the nanny found very difficult to look after especially in the last couple of months. The childrens activities were curtailed due to this. The nanny left at about 35wks which in our situation was probably a bit late in the pregnancy with our energetic tots. As expected she realised that three toddlers and a very young baby were going to be too much to return to! How long you can work will really depend on the demands of the children you look after ie we had a double buggy and buggyboard to push about, 16kg tots to pick up, three tots to run after in the park etc. How your pregnancy goes will also play a part in when you need to stop. I was very sick in one pregnancy yet was crawling around in soft play with my baby the day I delivered full term twins.

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