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Childminder network co-ordinatior

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purple15 Wed 17-Oct-12 10:47:08

Hi can someone give me an idea of what this job is please. I have seen it advertised, and know it is visiting childminders in their own home, but what else ?

fraktion Wed 17-Oct-12 11:47:21

Is it an NCMA thing?

stomp Wed 17-Oct-12 12:49:57

Depends on the area, some are employed by the local authority and some through NCMA. They support childminders on the network, visit their homes (I think ours doesn’t do that any more because of cuts to budgets- I certainly have not been visited in years) they can set up childminder drop-ins and provide activities for the children, they support newly registered childminders, they may have a group of experienced childminders that they get to support newly registered childminders, they offer advice on anything eyfs, continuing professional development etc. Some provide training. Their main job is to raise the standards of childminding within the area, usually in meeting targets to 'up' ofsted grading in childminders in their area. The area they cover can be large. They will be part of a team, often overstretched. Of course it depends on where, who and how smile

purple15 Wed 17-Oct-12 21:34:38

thanks stomp.

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