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Does your local afterschool/holiday club price you out of the market?

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Saltire Tue 16-Oct-12 17:53:35

The one here is offering a 10 hour day, including meals and snacks for £20 per child per day!

Even for 2 children that is way cheaper than me for a daily rate

Saltire Tue 16-Oct-12 17:54:00

Sorry, meant to put for CMs in title hmm

HSMM Tue 16-Oct-12 18:42:25

Yes. I have stopped doing after school and reduced my holiday charges.

Saltire Tue 16-Oct-12 19:39:20

There isn't much call for full timers here - again the group that run the after school club also do a nursery and have lowered their prices considerably (they run nurseries on a lot of military bases).

I only do before and after school though due to my health, and I am losing clients!

Runoutofideas Tue 16-Oct-12 21:06:50

No - I don't think our after school club does a holiday club, but I work term-time only anyway so it wouldn't affect me. After-school club charges £12.50 per session which is 2.5 hrs - I charge £5 per hour, so the same.

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