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2 years 10 Months, Cries When I Laugh

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Khono Mon 15-Oct-12 17:32:11

I'm taking care of a single mom's child while she's at work. I don't have any children myself so I'm a newbie. She's been a pretty good child, rarely crying and learning to talk pretty fast. But she's started to cry quite harshly when I laugh. Whether she's in the other room watching a show or she's right beside me, my laughing bothers her a lot. Even when I fake it to see her reaction.

I suspect it's just a strange phase she'll pass through, but does anyone have any insight here? My laugh isn't really loud and it doesn't sound like yelling or anything like that. I only noticed it the today or yesterday. But then again, she's only now beginning to trust me and open up.

I asked this question in behaviour and development and was referred here. They also suggested that the child, Selena, may think I'm crying and is empathising with that.

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