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How much for Saturday childcare?

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lechatnoir Sun 14-Oct-12 21:32:56

I'm a CM & have been contacted by a parent seeking care of siblings (1&2) every Saturday. If it allows me a day off in the week it could work quite well for our family but not sure what is reasonable to quote.

I've never done weekends but always had in mind 1.5 x usual rate BUT for 2 children without any discount this would be over £160 for just 1 day shock!

I'd be really interested to hear interested what a nanny or other cm's might charge (I'm in the SE & standard rate is quite high at £6ph)

Thanks LCN

nannynick Sun 14-Oct-12 21:42:16

A nanny cost may not be that comparable due to it being employer:employee relationship rather than service provider. I expect a nanny once adding in Employers NI, activity budget, that sort of thing would be £12+ an hour... so could easily be £120 a day, probably more... so say £120-£150.

As a childminder - how much does it cost you to provide a childcare place? They would be using up 2 childcare places and you would not be selling the rest of your childcare places (unless other families also want Saturday care). So your 1.5x usual rate may well be about right.

How will it impact your family? It's every Saturday, not just occasional Saturday. Does your family want that commitment?

lechatnoir Sun 14-Oct-12 22:48:00

Thanks NN for the response. Unusual I know but the idea of working Saturday (with a day off in lieu) is quite appealing as my DH's work is very flexible so we can effectively shift our 2 weekend days to any week day but with the benefit of more money an enhanced fee would bring.

TBH as a relatively new CM I wouldn't contemplate taking on any more children than 2 x under 3 + my own DC. In theory I have the space for 1 more but it's not something I'd feel happy doing so satisfied this wouldn't lose me money by only taking on 2 children on a working day. Might be something to consider for the future once I'm more established & experienced and my DC are older, but we're talking months if not years smile

Will suggest 1.5 x standard rate and see what sort if reaction I get!! I don't negotiate on my standard rate but could offer a sibling discount if fees become the only sticking point.
Thanks again NN

apotomak Mon 15-Oct-12 09:13:49

I have children here every other Saturday. I live in the area where £5.50h seems to be an average rate. My weekend rate is £7 for one child or £11 for two. I have two sets of parents that use my services on Saturday and both are happy to pay this. However I had another parent to come and see me two weeks ago with two children however her requirements involved lots of shipping to and fro activities and I stated I will have to charge while they are at the activities as I can't really do my own thing at that time so it's not really free time. She rang later to say I was too expensive. I guess it depends on what you're happy to do it for and what they are prepared to pay. My weekends are very precious especially as I have school aged children myself so there is no way I'd give any discounts.

My old childminder used to charge her normal rate (she had child for 14hrs) it wasnt every sat or sun but the mum worked shifts but it was on the understanding the child would fit in with normal family weekend life inc going to grandparents for sunday dinner - the child even called them granny and the mum was more than happy with this as child had no extended family in this country.

I think time and half sounds fair and also that the weekends can be very different to week days and it may be they have to fit in with whatever is happening

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