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Looking for SN childminder in Blackheath SE3 to look after trachy baby

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CherryAmour Sun 14-Oct-12 19:54:07

Hi. My DS is 9 months old (tho born 3 months early) so 6 months corrected. He has a tracheostomy as he was born with a small jaw that means his airway isn't as big as it should be so we're waiting for it to grow. I'm looking for someone to look after him in the home one day a week initially from January, and perhaps increasing to two days per week. Full training would be given for his care, so you don't need to have necessarily looked after a trachy before. He's a gorgeous, super smiley boy who is simply a delight. Pls get in touch if you could be interested and I can talk you through it. Hoping this wider network may help me find someone lovely!

nannynick Sun 14-Oct-12 20:37:25

"I'm looking for someone to look after him in the home" - do you mean your home, or in the Childminder's home? Childminders in the UK care for children at their [the childminder's home] not the child's home. If you want care at your home, then that would be a nanny.

I know Blackheath well but don't live there these days. Nice place, expect childcare in the area is quite costly. You local council (Greenwich or Lewisham, depending on which bit of Blackheath you live in) will be able to supply you with a list of registered childminders. It is unlikely that any have experience of caring for a child with a trachestomy but if you are able to provide the necessary training then it shouldn't be that much of a problem, as long as any equipment needed for his care can be easily transported to the childminder's home and on outings.

Good luck finding someone.

HolyAutumnGoldBatman Sun 14-Oct-12 20:51:49

As Nick says if you're looking for someone to come to your home then you need a nanny, not a childminder, maybe ask to have the thread title changed to attract the right people?, gumtree and are all good places to look for a nanny. I know you can provide training, but if you wanted someone with some experience of babies with additional needs then maybe try SNAP, they're an agency that specialise in placing nannies/childcarers with families where either the child or parent has additional needs.

CherryAmour Mon 15-Oct-12 20:29:29

Thanks both for your tips. I've someone in Greenwich Council helping me but thought this is such a good resource for local info it was worth a go. She said childminder but thanks for the correction. Yes, nanny then, as it would need to be at my home. I'll repost as nanny. Here's hoping....

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