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3dpw nanny - likely?

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katiegolightly Sun 14-Oct-12 14:04:52

I'm considering a nanny share with a friend for 3 days per week in SW London. I have no idea if this is viable, I don't know if the majority of nannies seek 4/5 days per week.

It would likely be an 8am-6.30pm contract. How on earth do I find ball park costs to compare with nursery places? Do nannies tend to work on a contracted salary rate or an hourly rate for part time contracts like this?

Sorry for the novice question.

nannynick Sun 14-Oct-12 14:46:01

Ball park 3-day a week nanny cost - not a nanny-share but may help you to start thinking about some of the various costs involved. As you are in London, the gross salary may be higher, especially in a share but you should be speading the cost a bit with your friend.

Search this forum for details about nanny shares, they can be complicated as you need to get the costs split between the families fairly.

As a nanny I prefer an annual gross salary for a set number of working hours per week. So you could say that is an annual salary, or an hourly rate, it works out the same.

SuperDuperJezebel Sun 14-Oct-12 15:14:29

Hi there

I work in SW London in a nanny share, the going rate is approx £10-12 net dependant on experience - most nannies talk in net however as Nick mentions it advisable to discuss salary in gross terms. How much you would expect to pay a nanny within that scale is dependant on their experience, qualifications, etc etc The way my current family and I worked it out is we found a mutually agreeable hourly rate and calculated the weekly, and then annual, salary from that, so I get the same salary every month. I've been nanny sharing for several years so if you have any other questions please give me a shout. I also have a lovely friend looking for work so if you'd like me to pass on her details send me a pm.

katiegolightly Sun 14-Oct-12 19:25:56

Thank you everyone. Super, have PM'd you.

Maarias Sun 14-Oct-12 22:07:11

Hi there,
Sorry to butt in, but katie, I am also looking for a nanny share (I live in wimbledon). I only need someone twice a week for school runs (4.30-7pm) so if you'd like to maybe share one let me know!

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