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Advice needed, thinking of splitting DDs between nursery and nanny

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RunningGuerita Sat 13-Oct-12 16:39:18

Going back to work in January hopefully, subject to finding a new job. Will be FT. We can't afford 50/55hrs per week of a live out nanny plus nursery sessions for 2 year DD so, somewhat reluctantly, we will be putting both DDs in nursery full time. DD1 attends now 2 days per week and loves it. She started when she was 11mo old and went 4 days per week. DD2 will be 9 months old when she starts. I hate the thought of DD2 in particular being there 5 full days a week.

I am thinking of signing them up for nursery four days a week and then finding a nanny for Fridays so they can have a quieter day at home. I realise this means juggling two sets of childcare and especially for the baby two new arrangements to get used to.

We live in SW London and I would have thought have a good shot at finding a Friday nanny. What are your thoughts?


Photoseverywhere Sat 13-Oct-12 16:48:37

My charge used to split his time with me (the nanny) and nursery. I worked M-F 7.30-5.30 then he went to nursery T-W-T 8-1 this from the age of 2.0 and he managed just fine smile

Karoleann Sat 13-Oct-12 21:28:27

Sounds perfect, all of my children have been to nursery and full time is just too much.
Quite a few nannies are available Friday as a lot of parents who work a four day week have Fridays off. (we used to have a Friday only nanny and had a lot of applicants).
So means that you hopefully have a babysitter for the occasions you may want to go out on a Friday.
I would suggest ensuring they split the tax code between you and their other job, otherwise you end up paying a lot more tax.

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 14-Oct-12 05:56:15

Sounds fine. Thought very doubtful a nanny will split their tax code 80/20 - their employers won't be impressed suddenly having to pay more tax if they agreed a nett wage

So always discuss a gross wage tho you may find and blondes isn't advising this as illegal [ wink] but if you have a 4 day nanny they may happily take cash for the Friday

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