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No settling in period

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lechatnoir Fri 12-Oct-12 09:24:53

Following on from the other thread, I wondered if anyone (cm or parent) has any experience of starting a child on full days with no settling in sessions?
I have 2 little ones starting soon but they are away for the 3 weeks immediately prior to their mum going back to work. I'm a bit worried how they will get on having only met me a couple of short times so far before in advance then going straight into 3 long consecutive days

Any tips or advice much appreciated!
Ps they are 1 & 3.

HSMM Fri 12-Oct-12 09:46:18

I had a little girl start immediately as an emergency childcare change. It was a bit strange, but fine.

Yours will have each other, which will help them.

When foster children come to me, sometimes they have never met me before and suddenly they are living in my house. Children can be amazingly resilient.

HSMM Fri 12-Oct-12 09:47:58

They might need some kind of special comfort object (Teddy, mums scarf, whatever) to help them

lechatnoir Fri 12-Oct-12 11:47:39

Thank you both

ZuleikaD Fri 12-Oct-12 19:09:36

Presumably they're siblings? I think that will help a lot. It sounds as though there's no option but you may find the first few days pretty unsettled. I agree that several comfort objects would be a good move.

Titchyboomboom Fri 12-Oct-12 21:32:07

I had a little girl meet me once on the Saturday and start full days on the Wednesday. She was upset and wanted mummy but I made sure I spent plenty of close time with her, down playing, really involved, speaking to her etc etc and not doing anything too demanding - plus getting a comprehensive All About me form - and planning basic activities I know she likes... all was fine and she is doing well. This was short notice termination of a previous minding contract and I needed to take her on ASAP so couldn't be helped. Just be armed with fun and time to really get to know them on day 1

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