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after school childminder

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koalalou Sat 06-Oct-12 17:18:26

Hello, I am hoping to find someone to look after the children after school one or two days / week when I go back to work next year. They will be picking them up from school then driving them to their activities, and maybe looking after one of them at home or at the other child's activity. How do I find out what mileage rate I should use (I am overseas)?

Also, will it be okay to pay for childcare during term time only (though I might need to negotiate additional hours/days during the holidays if available)?

lisad123 Sat 06-Oct-12 17:20:57

You might be hard pressed to find one who will do all the activity runs. I would not be happy if I was paying cm to look after my kid and found out she was running other kids about all afternoon.
Have you looked into nanny share?

nannynick Sat 06-Oct-12 17:30:03

You say you are overseas, so does that mean you are overseas now and the job is in that country, or are you asking about how you do things in the UK?

If the job will be in the UK, then Revenue&Customs publishes an Approved Mileage Rate, which is what can be paid to an employee before it becomes a taxable benefit. HMRC: Travel - first 10,000 Miles, from April 2011 onwards... 45p per mile.
What mileage you actually pay is up to you and your employee to negotiate but keep in mind that it costs quite a bit to buy and maintain a car.

Some people will accept a term time only job (there would be some holiday entitlement on top) some people will accept a term time only job with some occasional work during school holidays, others will want paying all year round. It will depend on the individual concerned.

You are looking for an After-School Nanny - to keep your options as open as possible I would suggest you consider if that person could bring their own child to work - it may not be ideal but may mean more people who would consider the job.

koalalou Sun 07-Oct-12 15:22:19

Hi, I am in Sydney. Have tried posting on local forums but so far no joy. Going back to work after Xmas and hoping to employ someone, probably a student, to pick the girls up after school. Just hoping for some advice but will probably have to phone up potential candidates (have a couple already but work hours not yet firmed up). Probably won't suit someone with their own children or looking after others as will involve driving to activities. Might be just one day as have a mother offering to share lifts another day and afterschool club for the third.

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