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Childminders 'Q&A' workshop with ofsted

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Italiana Sat 06-Oct-12 09:23:10

I have arranged for Ofsted to come and answer any questions we may have about EYFS 2012, inspections or other matters in a November workshop in Twickenham.
The Saturday workshop is free to all c/ms but booking will be required to secure a place

As soon as I have finalized all details and arrangements I will post date, venue and time...these will be in a few days' time

Details will also be posted in NCMA Local Forum and on Twitter

This is an excellent opportunity for c/ms to get any questions clarified...hope you can attend

sillymillysmummy Sat 06-Oct-12 23:41:23

Ooooo would love am audience with ofsted ;) just wish it was closer. Give it to them Piers Morgan style

Italiana Sun 07-Oct-12 09:06:51

This is an opportunity for c/ms to put questions and clarify any matters that are unclear about inspections and EYFS as I am sure many know that the individual interpretations can cause confusion as well evidenced in this and other Fora

The workshop will be an opportunity to engage with Ofsted ...please bear in mind that Ofsted do as told by the DfE who are the EYFS authors and masters

Please check the new post on Mumsnet for further information

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