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!!! POLL !!! How much does childcare cost you ?

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MamanFlo Thu 23-Mar-06 14:20:37

Hi Mums

I am a working mum in France, and DH has just been offered a position in London. We have 1 daughter and we will launch baby number two this spring (hopefully it will get to earth end of 2006). I have all sorts of questions, and specifically should I try to find a job in the UK or stay at home with my children?... and the cost of childcare is one major issue in the UK for working mums...

Can you help me to have an idea of how much it would cost me ? just let me know what childcare type you chose (nursery, childminder, nanny), for how many children, in which town and how much it costs you in a month all included.

thanks a lot for your help

mamanflo, back in the UK with a smile

Bozza Thu 23-Mar-06 14:23:39

We live in West Yorkshire.

Nursery 3 full days a week costs £375 a month for a 1yo.
Childminder for DS is £10.50 a day (again 3 days) in term time and £26 a day in the hols. Usually works out between £100 and £200 a month.

So for a 5 and a 1 yo for 3 days a week I average about £550 a month.

MamanFlo Thu 23-Mar-06 14:26:38

thanks a lot Bozza I've visited Yorkshire whilst pregnant with DD, and loved it I hope london prices are not to far from this, because, it is acceptable for me... but I might be too optmistic ... and will certainly try to find a full time job.

HappyMumof2 Thu 23-Mar-06 14:28:44

Message withdrawn

Jackstini Thu 23-Mar-06 14:29:40

Am just looking at nurseries ready for my overdue bump! Live in Nottingham so will be slightly cheaper than London but prices for the ones I have been given so far are:
Per full day - 30.50 to 36.00
Per half day - 20.00 - 26.00
Per week full time - 124.00 to 138.00
Child minders are usualy 2.50 to 3.00 per hour
Hope this helps

Bozza Thu 23-Mar-06 14:30:24

Well nursery is £31 a day but averaged out and CM is £3 an hour during termtime so they come in at the bottom of your range HMO2.

HandbagAddiction Thu 23-Mar-06 14:32:09

Ok - we live in Surrey - Godalming to be precise. DD who is 2.5 goes to a private nursery 5 days a week, 8am to 6pm. Costs us £912 per month - £946 for under-twos. All meals, nappies, etc. included so there are no extras.

Seems expensive I know - but it's a fantastic nursery and I'm really happy with the care she gets, the activities she does and all the staff that work there.

Good luck!!

MamanFlo Thu 23-Mar-06 14:34:00

we will certainly try to relocate in clapham, where I have dear friends living there (we might consider sharing a nanny, as I do in Paris at the moment)...

my excel spreadsheet is already open

Uwila Thu 23-Mar-06 14:35:23

Full time, 2 kids, in Greater London. I'd say you are looking at 1.5 to 2k per month. A bloody fortune.

Nurseries in my area cost about £1800 per month for two full time little ones. A live in nanny can be about the same, but possibly more, depending on level of experience.

Uwila Thu 23-Mar-06 14:36:47

Surry, "my area" means Kingston/Hampton/Sunbury/Twickenham.

HandbagAddiction Thu 23-Mar-06 14:37:32

Just to add and since I'm expecting no 2 we reckon our nursery (with the sibling discount) would set us back about £1,600 per month for both to attend.

jellyjelly Thu 23-Mar-06 14:52:40


Uwila Thu 23-Mar-06 14:55:02

HA HA HA What a joke that is.

Booh Thu 23-Mar-06 14:55:32


I as a south east childminder charge £5.25 an hour - all food and activites included you just need to provide nappies/wipes etc.

Mazzystar Thu 23-Mar-06 14:55:42

going rates in Liverpool:
-Nursery for under twos £29 per day, most round here don't do half days for babes
-Nursery for over twos £27 per day, £18 half day
- childminders £3.50 per hour

oliveoil Thu 23-Mar-06 14:58:29

I didn't realise they were so expensive

Bozza Thu 23-Mar-06 15:01:05

Hope you are going to be extra lovely to your MIL on Sunday, Olive.

oliveoil Thu 23-Mar-06 15:01:39

I always am, mwah.

She saves me £££££££££££££££££££

Littlefish Thu 23-Mar-06 15:03:38

I'm in Worcestershire and pay £3.50 per hour for my childminder plus food, activities, nappies etc.

jura Thu 23-Mar-06 15:04:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jellyjelly Thu 23-Mar-06 15:07:19

Glad i made you laugh uwila.

bran Thu 23-Mar-06 15:08:13

Where I am in East London there are nurseries that are subsidised for local families that are £25 per day (about £500 per month). They have a long waiting list though, and I didn't like most of them. The other end of the scale are the upmarket nurseries at Canary Wharf which are £1300 per month. The one my ds goes to would be £880 per month if he were going full time.

Bugsy2 Thu 23-Mar-06 15:08:56

I'm a working London mum & I pay an Aupair £80 per week for 40 hours of help & I pay £500 to a private nursery for 4 days per week 8am - 1pm. I can claim children's tax credit for the nursery as I am so poor and the nursery is on the Ofsted register.
I have used childminders & nannies and in London for 2 children a childminder would prob charge £7-9 per hour. A daily rate for a nanny in London you are looking at £70-80 per day plus tax & NI.

alexh Thu 23-Mar-06 15:19:07

I am a full time working London mother in SW11 (v near Clapham) and it costs me £1900 per month including tax and NI for a full time live in nanny 7-7 and two nights babysitting plus full board etc

cece Thu 23-Mar-06 15:31:06

I live in west london.
when I was full time I used to pay £110 a week for dd to go to childminder. All food included but I had to supply formula, nappies, wipes...

When I had ds she gave me a bit of a disocunt for 2 so I used to pay just under £200 per week.

Now part time- 2 days. DD also in full time school, ds full time at cm. I pay £65 for the 2 days per week now. But she is especially cheap! When she was away I had to pay £42 per day for ds full time and dd drop off and pick up from school! Plus supply own food.

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