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After-school nanny in Acton W3

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NK5083229cX1261f386d5a Sun 30-Sep-12 21:22:05

Hi everyone,

Can anyone recommend a reliable, warm nanny/babysitter to collect my daughter Zoe, who is 2.3 years old from nursery in Acton. I'm looking for someone to start immediately and would be 4 days a week (Mo, Tue, Thu and Fri) from 6pm until approx 7/7.30pm.

Duties would include bathing Zoe preparing her for bed and on some nights putting her to bed. We would need someone who would be flexible and be able to do more hours during holidays, if Zoe was sick and occasionally work longer than 7.30pm.

I'd prefer an Italian speaker so that my daughter who is half Italian can keep on expanding her vocabulary. Live local to Acton, have experience looking after young children and the person should be able to provide references.

Many thanks

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