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Nanny registration OFSTED QUICK HELP!!!!

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Me again grin

I've filled in the CRB and am about to send it off but what do I need to include in the envelope?

I've photocopied my I need to include that

It says include forst aid certificate but someone told me a photocopy is fine...which one do i do?!



nannynick Sat 29-Sep-12 12:13:33

Never send original documents unless it specifically says so and the envelope is going by as secure a delivery method as possible. If it does not say, send a copy.

Been a long time since I registered. What is the current procedure. I remember taking documents to postoffice and the postoffice checking ID docs. Guess they are not doing that now, if you are sending copy of passport.

2plus1 Sat 29-Sep-12 14:37:54

Just doing the same here and was advised the only doc needed was the first aid certificate but just a copy. The 'responsible' person signing CRB form should be checking your passport and relevant ID docs for authenticity and also detailing the group 1 ID numbers on the form. Should be no need to send copies.

Thanks both!

2plus1, is it section Y that the "responsible person" has to sign?


2plus1 Sat 29-Sep-12 16:26:45

It is on the IVF (ID validation form) for the CRB check, section B.

Is it a separate sheet to the CRB?

They sent me the crb form, a continuation sheet, instructions on how to complete and a stamped address envelope

I rang ofsted wrt theIVF form after is received the above and they told me they'd send me one out and they sent me the above list again....I'm so confused its bloody scary!!


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