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When to start looking for a CM?

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slev Fri 28-Sep-12 13:45:24

Hoping for some advice please!

DS is currently at nursery but will be starting at pre-school next September (he'll be 3). At that point I'll need someone to pick him up at about 3pm Monday - Wednesday and keep him until 6pm. Ideally they'd also be able to take him full-time during school holidays (private school so 18 weeks).

When should I start looking for a place for him - is now too early? And is this something that a CM would do, or will I end up paying for full time during term time as well, given that I'll presumably be using up a space.


apotomak Fri 28-Sep-12 14:15:14

Yes, childminders do that. No you would not be paying full time during term time. I for example would be happy to sign contract now for Sept next year as I have two children who will be leaving my care in June (they're changing schools). That is if you know for sure you have a space at that school. It's never too early to have a look around.

wishiwasonholiday Fri 28-Sep-12 17:24:49

If he's not in full time education that is when people will smuggle to offer you a place as they would have to keep an early years place for those few hours, you may be lucky and find someone who only works after school but just rung a few and ask.

wishiwasonholiday Fri 28-Sep-12 17:25:05

Struggle not smuggle!

looneytune Fri 28-Sep-12 18:02:01

If he was a school aged child i would say no, you'd only pay for the after school care, however as he's going to be 3 then you'll find a lot will charge for a lot more hours (some whole day, some half day, some have a min number of hours you can book, others may have a higher rate for these hours and so on). As for the school holidays, as you'd be taking a space of a younger child, I'd expect the space to be available all year round BUT if you're only paying for a shorter day then the childminder could fill the rest of the hours and therefore only be available during those after school hours. The only way to guarantee a space would be to pay for the full day all year round (all my children who then go on to preschool/nursery during part of the day are charged the full days fee as they need those hours during the hols). You MAY get lucky and find someone who doesn't work to full capacity anyway and may be happy for one of their spaces to be filled with just a few hours.

As for when to look, a lot of us know when spaces are coming available for September quite far in advance so some will be happy to book places now.

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