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Babysitting circle - etiquette tips please!

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flubba Mon 24-Sep-12 13:30:51

I've just started a babysitting circle with some other mums from DD's class - and I get the first night out (yay!). We're 'paying' each other in tokens for further babysitting, so no cash changing hands, but what, if anything, do you leave out for the parent coming to babysit?

Had thought a pack of biccies or dips/crisps and a 'help-yourself-to-tea/coffee' approach, but wondered whether I needed to get in a pizza or wine or something?

TIA smile

nannynick Mon 24-Sep-12 14:41:18

biscuits, crisps, fruit, tea/coffee, soft drink.

Have you each started with a number of tokens?

BackforGood Mon 24-Sep-12 14:50:44

You need to set that into your agreement. Personally I'd say tea/coffee and biscuits - the last thing you want to be doing when you are getting ready to go out, is having to start catering for someone else. The thing being, that it's 'fair' and people don't feel they've got to start baking home made cakes or getting food in that they wouldn't normally do, to 'keep up with the Jones'.

flubba Mon 24-Sep-12 14:55:51

Well as I'm the first one to go, there'll be no pressure on anyone else! grin

Yes, each started with tokens and pay I think by the hour - I'm using a website that does all the thinking.

I'll mention to her today that I'll get tea/coffee and biscuits in, and ask her if she needs anything else. I assume she'll say no, in which case the tone is set... smile

Thank you

TittyWhistles Mon 24-Sep-12 15:09:19

Tea and biscuits.

No wine! I wouldnt want a babysitter drinking on the job. Even if it's an informal arrangement.

Babysitting circle, Great idea though

flubba Mon 24-Sep-12 16:50:31

That's what I felt about booze too, but wasn't sure if it was 'The Done Thing' or not.

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