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Pulling out my hair! Anyone need a Nanny?

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NotAChocolateRaisin Tue 11-Sep-12 18:11:28

I'm one step away from sitting in the streets of London, handing out business cards (hair is windswept and knotted, clothes are ripped) and desperately shouting after people "do you need a Nanny? Does anyone need a Nanny? I can look after your children! I'm Ofsted registered...)

I've been on the job hunt for months now, started way in advance of my previous contract ending and...nothing. I actually had to take the walk of shame into the Job centre this morning, it was quite quite depressing.

So! Onto the point; does anyone need a Nanny or know anyone that needs one?

Here's my spec;

*Ofsted Registered
*Paediatric First Aid
*CACHE Level 3 diploma in Home Based Childcare
*6 + years childcare experience

- Have been a Nanny for 3 years
- Was a full time teachers and nursery nurse in South Africa
- Have a full UK driving license
- I'm British and speak perfect English.

I am looking for either live in or live out (preferably in London but will be happy elsewhere) - I just want a long term position with a lovely family with a sense of humour!

Please let me know if you have anything and I'll be out getting my bag-lady-come-nanny business cards ready for the streets.

iwantavuvezela Tue 11-Sep-12 18:17:05

If you are looking for work in the soth east London area there arevlotscof local forums of parents looking and nannies advertising. You could try the East Dulwich Forum. Most of the areas e.g. Sydenham, Nunhead to name a few also have local boards.

Good luck with finding work

NotAChocolateRaisin Tue 11-Sep-12 18:24:49

Forgot about the local forums! Thanks!

iluvkids Tue 11-Sep-12 22:36:15

MummytoLO Sun 16-Sep-12 14:13:40

ChocolateRaisin, which street are you currently sitting on? Maybe I'll come by for an interview.

Are you advertising on any of the usual boards? Under the same screen name?

forevergreek Sun 16-Sep-12 14:21:02

Have you tried royal nannies the agency. They seem to have a new job every 5 mins!

Tryingtobenice Mon 17-Sep-12 11:14:16

Again, depending on where you are there are the likes of nappyvalleynet. They work in nappy valley aka Clapham Junction and Richmond. I'm looking for a nanny for January. Hope you get somewhere before then..

RosamundLehmann Tue 18-Sep-12 10:46:26

Chocolate, we are looking for a nanny-housekeeper. To be clear, it's not only nanny duties - children are older and we needed to have a combined role that includes housekeeping work during school hours.

If that sort of role would be of interest please have a look at our ad on - it's the Bayswater one.

NotAChocolateRaisin Tue 18-Sep-12 13:06:00

Thank you everyone for your replies. Sorry for not checking before (It no longer appears in my "I'm On" page hmm)

I was made a very nice offer with a lovely family in Kent on Saturday so my days on the street are over! grin

Thank you to Mumsnetters for the support and listening to my whining over the last few months!

NotAChocolateRaisin Tue 18-Sep-12 13:07:33

I do have a friend who is looking for a nanny job though... PM me for her CV if you're interested. She's very good.

emilybella Wed 19-Sep-12 14:13:57

well as luck would have it, I am also pulling my hair out LOOKING for a nanny. Could you send me over your CV etc to

Would be good if we could skype or meet up ASAP as I need a nanny to start 1st october


BornToShopForcedToWork Wed 19-Sep-12 17:37:31


I know a family that is currently looking for a new family and another who needs a nanny to go with them to NYC for 3-4 weeks. If you are interested PM me.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 19-Sep-12 18:19:11

congrats on new job - im a kent girl - where is new job - or message me if you dont want to 'out' yourself smile

iluvkids Wed 19-Sep-12 22:16:47

borntoshopforcedtowork I have pm'd you

NannyNaomi Tue 02-Oct-12 16:52:33

@borntoshopforcedtowork I'd love to hear more about these roles please email me at

Looking forward to hearing from you, Naomi

hawthers Tue 02-Oct-12 16:58:11

Me I do! Oh you've already been snapped up. Arse - need a part time nanny from late Nov onwards, do you know anyone who might be interested?

highg Tue 02-Oct-12 19:52:36

Dear Families,

I am a nanny and I love my job. I am 29, British, and currently look after two lovely boys Monday to Wednesday. I am looking for work on THURSDAYS and/or FRIDAYS and am looking for anything between 8-18 hours. I live in Highgate but I can travel if required.

I am an ex-primary school teacher and also have a degree in Childhood and Youth. I am Ofsted registered, have 10 years childcare experience, updated my paediatric first aid in April, have a clean CRB check and I can provide excellent references. I love children and enjoy making them happy and helping them to learn. I have lots of fun ideas and provide a wide variety of activities for all the children I look after. I am friendly, caring and at all
times - professional.

I am also available for evening babysitting.

Please email for a C.V. or phone number.

Thank you,


NotAChocolateRaisin Sat 06-Oct-12 00:31:40


Hi all,

Had the horrible news today that my new position has fallen through. I was working for the little boys grandparents who were looking after him and very suddenly the mother has swooped in and decided to take him - making me redundant as of today. Its really awful but I can't go into more detail for privacy reasons but be assured it is not me, just circumstance.

So again - please let me know if you are looking!


Blondeshavemorefun Sat 06-Oct-12 08:55:05

Oh no sad

Home and job gone just like that

Hope you find something soon

There is a job going in smarden that has long hours and needs live in if you are interested

Nannyforyou Sat 06-Oct-12 21:27:23

Hi borntoshopforcedtowork
I am looking for a live in nanny position if you know of any one please, I am 26 have 8 yrs child care experience, ofsted registered, first aid and hold a Diploma in child care. My email is if you could email me with any info please. Thanks

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