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childminders west london

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piccolamamma Thu 16-Mar-06 12:34:32

hi everyone,

please can someone recommend a childminder in the ealing acton area? there are loads and i don't know how to go about selecting one on the basis of the information given, i mean they might have a no smoking policy, 1 cat and do school runs but will they be right for my 14 month old baby?

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alison222 Thu 16-Mar-06 13:37:29

where exactly are you? Do you want someone close to work or home?
What do you expcect them to do with your child
How many others would you be happy with the childminder looking after max legally is 3 under 5 and 3 over 5 would you be happy with this?

The best thing to do really is to work out exactly what you are expecting 9 as long as it's not unrealistic0 ring some up and visit them.
It will come down to a gut feeling about them, their house and their whole set- up.
it could be a long difficult choice or very easy depending on who you meet. Either way you have to be totally happy with leaving your child with them.
Draw up a list of questions. Ask to see their paperwork. Write things down - take notes. No decent childminder would mind in the slightest. Ask if they have any info about themselves for you to take away - some do.
And good Luck.

ThePrisoner Thu 16-Mar-06 17:53:59

As alison says, ring the minders up and, assuming that they have a vacancy, go and visit them with your baby. You will be able to have an informal chat, see the house, see how she (or he) interacts with your baby. You can then, at least, rule out any that you are not happy with, and you may find some that seem suitable.

You should do at least one visit to those that you like when there are minded children present (who will obviously all misbehave!!)

piccolamamma Fri 24-Mar-06 22:58:23

thank you that is really helpful.. my choice has kin of been narrowed down by the fact that the original list of about 50 people is down to 5 with vacancies for kids as young as mine and of them only one is walking i think i might opt for a nursery now...thought it would be easier than this!

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wendyschildmindingW3 Fri 26-Jun-20 16:04:42

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jannier Sun 28-Jun-20 14:09:32

Chat to the 5 and go and see them....did you look on

bottlenose301 Wed 22-Jul-20 00:23:19

Also look on the local fb groups. There are always a few on there (qualified) and others who have used them will vet them. Of course do your own checks too x

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