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Treasure Baskets

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freshstart Fri 03-Mar-06 21:55:17

I am minding a 6 month old and nearly 9 month old.

I would like to put a treasure basket together - can you suggest good things to put in them?

harpsichordcarrier Fri 03-Mar-06 21:59:02

you need frannyandzooey, she's the expert on this

freshstart Fri 03-Mar-06 21:59:49

ohhh is she?


bonkerz Fri 03-Mar-06 22:00:14

fir cones, wooden spoons, metal whisk, plastic cups, saucepan, plastic bottles with rice inside (lid glued on)

cant remember what else is in mine! will go check

harpsichordcarrier Fri 03-Mar-06 22:01:39

yes she runs a class have emailed her

FrannyandZooey Fri 03-Mar-06 22:10:40

Ooh hello, I was summoned

Would you like me to CAT you, I have a lovely document (with photos) I could send you, all about heuristic play?

Tan1959 Fri 03-Mar-06 22:17:20

Sorry to hijack Freshstart

FrannyandZooey - Could I be really cheeky and ask whether you would be prepared to share with me too?
I mind a 4.5 month old & would be interested to learn more about Heuristic play too. If so, email is:

freshstart Fri 03-Mar-06 22:21:55

That would be fine!

im not catable


FrannyandZooey Fri 03-Mar-06 22:47:15

LOL, yes loads of people on here seem to be interested in the subject! I am happy to share it, but am off to bed now so will email you ladies in the morning.

There is another Mumsnetter who is planning to start up her own heuristic play classes as well but I shall say no more as she may prefer to keep quiet for now

Tan1959 Fri 03-Mar-06 23:01:57

Thank you

lunavix Fri 03-Mar-06 23:17:02

oh please email me too!

dark _ willow _ girl @ (no spaces)


Katymac Sat 04-Mar-06 08:44:31

I have
Bottle opener (smooth edges)
2 sizes of castle pudding tins
ametal egg(which opens)
a wooden egg
chamois leather
metal sink drainer
wooden scoop, spoon, spatular, honey dipper, panstand, blocks, eggcup, vegatable scrubbing brush, clothes pegs & curtain ring
dogs toy (rope pull - short about 5inches)
Paintbrush, pastybrush (2 types)
lavander bean bag
woven wicker ball & coaster

Their favourite is a rubber mat for putting soap on that has suckers on either side

when supervised (for babies) and with older children you can add
an orange or lemon
crumpled paper or foil
small peices of sponge with essential oil on them
dried flower/plants/pinecones etc (I don't put pinecones in if I'm not one-on-one)
bar of soap

love the idea of a bottle with rice - I'll try that

We have 2 in our minding room and when we get them out all the children love them....right up to an 11yo boy who was grouping them by the material they were made from

cod Sat 04-Mar-06 08:47:29

Message withdrawn

Katymac Sat 04-Mar-06 08:50:24

Cod it's heuristic play for babies - you'd love could round off all your sharp edges chewing on a bit of wood for hours

seriously tho' the children love them

alibubbles Sat 04-Mar-06 08:56:11

frannyandzooey, I'd love your info too please. It's always great to get new ideas. I do have a couple of trasure baskets and have went to a day on Treasure baskets with the lady who co wrote The Little Bokk of Treasure Baskets with Sally Featherstone.

Elinor Goldsmeid's book, people under three is also very good if any one else in interested in more ideas.

FrannyandZooey Sat 04-Mar-06 09:01:42

LOL cod. The last Mumsnetter who asked how I made money from letting babies play with old crap is now starting her own class up so beware.

The idea is that it's an antidote to all the plastic that children get given these days. Babies learn by feeling things and chewing them, and plastic toys all feel, smell and taste the same. A treasure basket contains up to 150 different natural and household materials which provide a rich sensory experience for the baby. It also encourages open ended play which develops creativity, self-confidence, trust, concentration, decision-making, fine motor skills etc.

The babies do absolutely adore it and as they are so contented and quiet the parents love it too

That is the short version, I will email the long version now to anyone who has requested it.

FrannyandZooey Sat 04-Mar-06 09:53:26

Freshstart, yours keep bouncing back. It's a big file, about 2 meg, could that be the problem?

mumlove Sat 04-Mar-06 09:53:43

can you email me to PLEASE.

Thankyou very much

harpsichordcarrier Sat 04-Mar-06 09:54:42

sweet lord franny you should def start to charge these disciples of yours

freshstart Sat 04-Mar-06 09:56:14

frannyandzooey - I got it! Just reading it now

Katymac Sat 04-Mar-06 09:57:29 mine on the right lines?

FrannyandZooey Sat 04-Mar-06 10:14:19

Katymac, yours sounds super! I am sure you know as much about it as I do, I am not really an expert, just decided to do it for a living. I know exactly what you mean about older children loving it, I think it's the open-endedness that appeals to them.

Freshstart oops sorry I have sent it twice because it kept saying "undelivered mail"

Mumlove I will mail you.

Could anyone advise me on how to get free webspace? Maybe I could post the info up somewhere. I don't mind sending it to people but might make more sense to have it on a web page at this rate.

freshstart Sat 04-Mar-06 10:23:37

It could go on our new childminding resources website?

Its brill information - Im going on a treasure hunt today, im sure all of the kids will love it and ofsted will love me as one of the things they mentioned in my inspection was that i should be doing more with natural resources

mumlove Sat 04-Mar-06 10:27:36

our website
set up by RTKangaMummy

HellyBelly Sat 04-Mar-06 11:39:50

I know we have a block on the new website for adding new stuff, about a week I think? Maybe it could be added once the block has been lifted.

I would love a copy of the document,, but am happy to wait for the website if that's easier

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