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Does somebody study at Stonebridge College?

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BornToShopForcedToWork Wed 09-May-12 21:40:17

I started the Level 3 Child care course a month ago at Stonebridge and I was assured over the phone that it is a full Level 3 qualification. Today I read this article and now I am a bit angry.

I am not a "career nanny" and unless the current situation changes (One of my employers gets made redundant or similiar) I will stay in my position until my mindee goes to school and this will be my last nanny job. I am studying for my degree in the evenings over a four years period and will hopefully finish at the same time than my mindee goes to school. That's the plan. I don't need the course for my job BUT I need a qualification to get OFSTED registered. Studying for the course at Stonebridge College was the best option in my opinion and now after reading the article I am not sure what exactly I am studying for and want my money back.

Is anybody in the same position?

Divawithattitude Thu 10-May-12 07:23:49

No, but I am involved in Training and Education.

Stonebridge have been very clever in what they have said and do not appear to be meeting the requirements that NCFE, the awarding organisation have required of them. I would also be confused by the wording and what you have been told on the phone contradicts this wording. In your position I would ask for a refund, good luck at getting your money back!

Fraktal Thu 10-May-12 10:30:08

Similar to the PP I do a lot with training/education.

Stonebridge are misleading and they have a rep for it. I often warn against them on other sites.

I would definitely be asking for a refund, particularly if you remember and can prove that the conversation took place and included the words full and relevant qualification.

Fraktal Thu 10-May-12 10:30:39

Plus if they sold it to you as suitable for OFSTED you could almost certainly get money back.

BornToShopForcedToWork Thu 10-May-12 12:04:38

Thanks for your replies. Unfortunately I won't get a refund and I already put a lot of effort into the course. I am mad at myself for not researching enough but when I phoned they told me it is a full Level 3 qualification. So I assumed it's okay for OFSTED.

Fraktal Thu 10-May-12 15:43:34

I hate to say this but if it doesn't figure on the cwdc list (which it doesn't) and its not an accredited common core (which it isn't) then it won't count for OFSTED either sad

Frakiosaurus Mon 28-May-12 11:42:22

Update on the story

Seems you might have grounds to claim a refund if it's been mis-sold.

user1483089216 Fri 30-Dec-16 09:57:45

I know this is an old thread, but wanted to post my own experiences of studying with the college. Up to this point, things had not been going too badly. I have an assignment due in tomorrow. My notes were ready to be turned into the assignment, which I planned to write up in this space between Christmas and New Year. What I didn't plan on was coming down the flu and diarrhoea and vomiting. I've been trying to contact the college since the 27th, to ask what my options were regarding the assignment, as I'm not still well enough to finish it in time. The reminder I got from them on Boxing Day said to contact them if I had any problems regarding this, to discuss my options. I've left voice mails and emails both with a lady called Cassie and the Tutorial Department. They've been ignored. I asked for help on Twitter and Facebook. Nada. Now it did occur to me that it's the holidays, people might not be there. But their Twitter account keeps being updated, so someone must be there.

So I responded by sending an e-mail this morning saying that if I don't get to speak to someone about this, then the CAB will be contacted and there's an ombudsman for Distance Learning College that will be contacted too. I don't want to take this step, but I'm not very happy and the way they're behaving. It's a shame, because I'd rather just have a conversation with someone there, but there you go.

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