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Looking for after school nanny- 3 days a week - Purley area

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Mpaul Mon 30-Apr-12 12:28:03

I am looking for an afterschool nanny to start sept 2012, 3 days a week -- Mon, Tues and Fridays. She would need to pick up my 2 children - age 4 and 6 from school and bring them home , feed them etc.. until I get home around 6pm. Can anyone recommend anyone in purley/South croydon area?


Ash87 Mon 30-Apr-12 13:43:40

Hi Paul! Did u look at the local mumsnet area for anyone suitable. Do try posting on job boards and u might get good responses. Also register on sites where you can find nannies like After school nanny and try childcare too smile

Rie26 Wed 17-Oct-12 17:22:55

Hi did u manage to fill this job for the school of picking your two children up.As this is what I am looking for to get some extra cash. I currently work in a primary school mornings and have done for the last 6years. I also have nannying experience. Please could you let me know if you have filled this position

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