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notice board

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oldandfat Thu 09-Feb-06 13:38:11

Hi there.

Do any of you cms out there have notice boards for parents? I have decided I need to be even more professional and put one up. What sort of thins should i display. Any help would be great.

ayla99 Thu 09-Feb-06 14:26:20

I have a pin board with my Ofsted, first aid & public liability certificate, ncma poster "You can be sure your in good hands ...", Ofsted poster with their contact details, and a list of my "house rules"

At the moment I've also got a leaflet about changes to car seat law in May & local swimming & children's shows over half term. I also put up my holiday dates (parents get given these in writing but tend to lose them so it helps to have a reminder).

I also put up poems like this one:

Some houses try to hide the fact

that children shelter there.

Ours boasts of it quite openly,

the signs are everywhere

For smears are on the windows

little smudges on the doors,

I should apologise, I guess,

for the toys strewn on the floor.

But, I sat down with the children,

and we played and laughed and read,

and if the doorbell doesn't shine,

their eyes will shine instead.

For when at times I'm forced to choose

the one job or the other....

I want to have a tidy house,

but FIRST I'll be a mother

kizzypie Thu 09-Feb-06 14:49:53

I really like that poem (as I sit here looking at all the handprints on the windows and toys everywhere) think ill leave the tidying up till kids are in bed.

LoveMyGirls Thu 09-Feb-06 17:07:32

i like the poem too, what does it say on you car leaflet though? i had heard the rules are changing but i dont know to what exactly.

i think a notice board sounds like a fab idea btw.

HellyBelly Thu 09-Feb-06 17:11:33

Me too - just wish I had room for one!

ayla99 Thu 09-Feb-06 21:53:32

It says children up to & including age 11 will need to be in booster seats until they are about 5 feet tall.

I got this for one of my mums who allows her 4 year old to choose whichever seat he likes (usually the front passenger seat, leaving an empty car seat in the rear!).

Car Leaflet

more info

ayla99 Thu 09-Feb-06 21:55:42

Not in my car, I should add. He's quite happy to sit in my car seat.

LoveMyGirls Thu 09-Feb-06 22:30:16

thanks for that, i will look into getting a bigger car because i have no chance of fitting three booster seats in my feista needs must though.

HellyBelly Fri 10-Feb-06 13:21:11

I had a boy from 18 months to 2 years old and just before I gave them notice, I found out that the mum was transporting him via a bottom booster seat in the front of the car with a normal seatbelt pulled behind him so in theory it was like a lap belt - inbelievable!!!

Love the idea of noticeboard with this info but no room however I could print my copies of this info and stick it to my lounge door with my timetable and birth to threee matters poster? (wouldn't have helped with this lad I had though as she never came in)

HellyBelly Fri 10-Feb-06 13:24:51

lovemygirls - do you have an airbag in your car?

Jensmum Sat 11-Feb-06 19:49:05

I use a cork notice board in my kitchen to show parents what we have planned, who's going to be here and what we'll be eating as well as an OFSTED poster on the fridge (the one about complaints) I'm about to make a new notice board for my back room though - Just a big piece of card that's got that sticky plastic stuff on and I'm going to hang it on string from the picture hook for my clock in the dining room (so it hang's just below the clock) On that I'm going to put pictures of the children playing and their art work I'm just hoping that blu tack will stick to it.

A lady at my childminding group does this and she says that the parents love it and ofsted love it even more because they have seen lots of evidence of activities!

I can't drive yet (learning soon!) but I got lots of leaflets about car safety from Halfords I think it was (to give to parents) because it was driving me mad that my mindees were being picked up in car's with no car seats and not even wearing seat belts one little boy likes to sit in the front (he's 3) with no belt so he can help drive by doing the indicators and handbreak

ayla99 Sat 11-Feb-06 20:51:35

jensmum, good luck with the driving. I couldn't drive when I started childminding (didn't have a lesson til I was 32).

Well worth it though. I can offer much more to the kiddies - trips to libraries, parks, duckpond etc as well as fit in a few personal essentials like picking up prescriptions! And I don't have to keep asking other parents for lifts to the endless parties my kids get invited to.

ra4048 Tue 19-May-15 16:24:16

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

kathryng90 Tue 19-May-15 20:31:44

I have notice board including ins, Ofsted cert, first aid cert, Ofsted contact details.

This terms theme and ideas for parent/child involvement.

My holiday dates and holiday forms for parents.

EYFS guidance for parents.

Also have a WOW area which I change weekly for each child. This weeks include wees on potty, trying some banana and being brave after a fall.

Allergy form with this weeks snacks on.

And a reminder to send hats/sun cream as we must be due some nice weather soon!

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