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Nanny advice Glasgow!

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Janoschi Wed 04-Apr-12 23:18:50


We have a lovely little 11mo DD and we run our own business. DD comes to work with us. We're luckily fairly quiet at the moment but it's going to get pretty manic soon.

I'm weighing up the pros and cons of nannies, childminders and nurseries.

Our work is often 8am-8pm which does rule out most nurseries, also I'd be so sad to leave DD for that long every day. I'm thinking a nanny-share could be a good idea as a starting point, with us switching to full time when it gets hectic. How do nanny shares work though, and what kind of cost would be involved?

Anyone recommend a nanny in Glasgow? Just don't know where to start with all this!

Any help gratefully received.

scottishmummy Thu 05-Apr-12 09:50:14

ask other mums,word of mouth
notice boards in cafes etc, shop windows byres road, west end
maybe use an agency to recruit
haven't used nanny but you do need to consider
what location( whose house)
how to split costs
how will transport costs be negotiated
how will utilities cost be split
splitting cost food etc the nanny uses
parents maybe buy double buggy, split cost
how will it work if one parent on holiday, do they pay?I'd go for both parents pay go for 52wk payment

draw up a proper contract with a notifiable exit clause, so no one suddenly loses the other parent as partner

a robust contract is good idea IMO

and good luck

Ash87 Thu 05-Apr-12 10:48:54

Hey Janoschi,

Try searching for nanny agencies in your area. Alternatively you can regsiter for free on sites like,, and local search. This should set u off and give you an idea!

If you need further advice, you can try readin older threads. Cheers!

scottishmummy Thu 05-Apr-12 12:43:14

try nanny agencies

try net mums too they have local boards that nannies post on

post on mn childcare topic

Janoschi Thu 05-Apr-12 12:57:09

Thanks so much.

It's a bewildering world out there!

scottishmummy Thu 05-Apr-12 13:03:50

do a good contract, ESP if you after a nanny share
and good luck

cakeoholic Sat 07-Apr-12 00:03:45

Hi Janoschi, I'm a nanny in Glasgow and thought I may be able to give you some advice.

I previously worked in a private nursery in Glasgow, they open from 8am-6pm but I really would recommend a nanny or childminder if it is at all an option.

A nanny is the expensive option (£9-£10 per hour plus kitty money for activities and petrol money if you want a driver. For a share you could expect to pay approx £6-£7 per hour) and means you will be an employer so have all the complications that may come with that but you do get more tailored care for your dd. There aren't as many nanny jobs in the area as there used to be so it is a bit of an employers market just now so easier to find a nanny willing to work less hours until you need more full time. The majority of jobs up here are 2, 3 or 4 days a week and approximately 10 hour days. It sounds like you have not settled yet on when you would like childcare for, I think if you figure that out it would make it easier to decide on the type of childcare that would suit you best.

Glasgow Childcare solutions would be my recommendation if you want to go down the nanny agency route, the two women who run it are lovely and both have children as well as having experience of working as nannies themselves. Tinies has recently opened a branch and seem to have more jobs advertised; however they haven't been particularly helpful on the phone and recently have not returned calls at all when left voicemail messages.

As far as nanny shares go I think that's trickier, I second what the above poster said about word of mouth but it's a hard relationship to balance. If you are in the Southside though I may actually be able to help you out with a share! I also know a fab nanny in Glasgow who is looking for work on a Wed/Thur/Fri from the end of June.

If I can help you with anything more specific then please let me know

Janoschi Sat 07-Apr-12 20:54:29

I've pm'd you grin

Feebs8 Mon 18-Apr-16 17:56:17

Hi, im Fiona, im a nanny in Ayr, i have over 20yrs experience in childcare. I would love to help you out, i would take your child to baby groups, trips to the park or entertain at home. Im also happy to help with light housekeeping duties. I can provide a cv, contactable refs and I have my pvg disclosure. Im happy to travel to Glasgow everyday.

nannynick Mon 18-Apr-16 18:36:36

The baby is now at school!

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