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Ofsted and Socket Covers

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CarolinesDad Thu 23-Feb-12 01:42:47

In response to recent comments about Ofsted's position on socket covers, here is the official position as reported in an Ofsted document dated September 2011:

Childcare safety issue - electrical socket covers

"Some inspectors are continuing to make judgements about risks to children when inspecting childcare settings where the provider has decided not to use electrical socket covers on exposed sockets.

Our position on the use of electrical socket covers has not changed. We neither encourage nor discourage the responsible use of socket covers as part of a risk-assessed approach to electrical safety. In line with the relevant requirements for registration, it is up to each individual registered provider to demonstrate to us that the environment is safe for children and meets legal requirements. It is for the provider to decide, as part of the risk assessment they carry out at their premises, how best to protect children from any dangers associated with electric sockets and appliances.

Inspectors should not set actions or make recommendations in relation to the use of socket covers and should not refer specifically to these in their reports. If a provider is unsure whether or not to use socket covers and asks our advice, we should refer them to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) and Child Accident Protection Trust websites for information to help them make a decision about the use of socket covers and the type of sockets considered as safe."

(Please note: all undamaged UK three pin sockets with square pins are safe.)

See FatallyFlawed for further information on socket covers.

FatallyFlawed Tue 05-Jul-16 14:58:20

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