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Childminding registration - references...?

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Mrsbigroundbottom Mon 06-Feb-12 11:16:30

Hi there, as part of the registration Ofsted say they request references... Will this be my current employer!? They have no idea of my plans [eek!]

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Runoutofideas Mon 06-Feb-12 11:36:45

I saw somewhere that you could opt in or out as to whether they can approach your current employer. I have been a SAHM for 7 years, so I think my old boss might be a bit bemused to be approached! Luckily I am still in touch with her though...

Flisspaps Mon 06-Feb-12 11:37:59

I gave my employer as one (although they knew what I was doing) and the second one was the mother of the child I was registering to mind.

I don't think one has to be your current employer, but I can't remember.

Runoutofideas Mon 06-Feb-12 11:39:32

Are you doing the forms online through the government portal thing? If so, can you attach a written reference, or do ofsted contact the referees themselves, as it says this can take longer...?

Mrsbigroundbottom Mon 06-Feb-12 11:44:10

I am doing them online - although the service is down at the moment.

I have a childminder friend who would be my reference. Work ones will be tricky though as I've always been in the same industry and tittle tattle means it would get out..

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Runoutofideas Mon 06-Feb-12 13:39:50

Do you still have to get the application pack from the LA to do it online. I was reading about a health pack to take to the GP and a another booklet which doesn't seem to be available online. My LA say they give out the pack at the briefing session, but I don't really want to wait another 6 weeks for it....

Flisspaps Mon 06-Feb-12 15:52:53

Runoutofideas - no you don't need to get the pack from the LA but your LA won't necessarily tell you this. You can download all the Early Years Register forms including the health declaration from here

These forms need to be printed off and signed, so you can include the references with this (rather than doing it via the Government Gateway online)

Mrsbigroundbottom Mon 06-Feb-12 17:27:23

The more I think about it the more annoyed I am. I spoke to a mum in the playground today and she said she booked the session 8 weeks ago and attended last week... they tol dher she had to wait too so now here application is 8 weeks behind. On the site they say they intend to process the application in 12 weeks so she could ahve been done this time next month.

Every childminder in my area has a waiting list so there are people who really need this service and it's getting held up by jobsworths!

(I really need to get out of the job I'm in, I shouldn't be this stressed about this grin)

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Runoutofideas Mon 06-Feb-12 18:43:18

I agree Mrsbigroundbottom - it is frustrating!

Thanks Flisspaps - still couldn't find the health declaration, but I'm sure I will if I search a bit harder...

Flisspaps Mon 06-Feb-12 22:16:41

It's here smile

MrAnchovy Tue 07-Feb-12 00:22:49

Don't let it get to you - as a childminder you have to deal with your Local Authority, Ofsted, HMRC (and perhaps add in NCMA). Each of these has its own bureaucracy and is working to a different agenda which has other objectives than helping you. If you acknowledge this and work around it to sort your own problems you will get what you want.

south345 Tue 07-Feb-12 06:23:34

My employer wouldn't fill it in as it asked about caring for children and he said he didn't know me in that capacity so my boyfriends aunt and my work colleague did mine.

Runoutofideas Tue 07-Feb-12 07:40:09

Thanks flisspaps grin

NewChildminderSeekingWork Tue 07-Feb-12 17:38:33

I got references from my sons teacher (whose class I had helped out in)and a close friend who is also a teacher.

MaryPoppinsMagic Fri 10-Feb-12 11:42:13

I rang ofsted and asked them if it needs to be an employer and they said no, so in the end I got my dp's aunt and a family friend of many years to do me a reference each, they were fine with it and I am registered.

Lissa63 Thu 12-Jul-18 20:53:14

Hi can anyone help with references for Ofsted registration childminding application...we have to provide references but I don't see a proforma/form??

Flisspaps Thu 12-Jul-18 22:29:23

@Lissa63 you'll be better off starting your own thread, as people are likely to reply to the OP. I only clocked it was an old thread as I stopped childminding 5 years ago but this popped up in threads I'm on!

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