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Help in finding language courses for au pair in South London?

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Ladymuck Tue 31-Jan-12 17:13:45

We have our first au pair from France, and we're trying to find language courses or other ways to meet up with other au pairs.

We initially looked at the local council course, but that was primarily full of older people from SE Asia. We then turned to a specialist language college, but again there seem to be very few au pairs. Any clues/hints would be welcome, especially to any online forums where she could link up with people.

AuntingCarse Tue 31-Jan-12 21:38:57

My au pairs used to go here on Trinity Road, (almost at corner of Bellevue, Wandsworth Common BR). Very good, but it was 10-15 years ago that I had au pairs. Perhaps worth checking out though if it's anywhere near you.

andagain Tue 31-Jan-12 22:18:14

Our previous au pair (and the one starting next month) went to South Thames College in Tooting.

Ladymuck Wed 01-Feb-12 13:44:35

Thank you, I'll check out those.

bebeduck Wed 01-Feb-12 14:25:21

Yes Further Education colleges with EFL courses should fit the bill for her. South Thames College for eg. Other colleges are Hammersmith College, depending where you are. There is a good private language school in Wimbledon if as the other posts indicate you are South of the river.

beachyhead Wed 01-Feb-12 14:26:35

Quite a few in Greenwich, full of au pairs.

Radiatorvalves Sun 10-Apr-16 22:36:12

Hello. I know it's a zombie, but a few years on, I have a similar question.

Our APs have usually gone to South Thames College, but we have a new girl who has just arrived, and I've found out their courses run January- July, so nothing is available.

Any suggestions for somewhere near Balham, for maybe a couple of sessions a week? She is French and has intermediate English.

If no ideas about courses, any thoughts on where she might meet people for conversation?


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