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Where should I look for a Nanny for newborn for a few hours per week in Knightsbridge?

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efthalia Wed 26-Oct-11 02:47:02

I am interested in finding a nanny for a newborn for a few hours per week in Knightsbridge. I was wondering where should I look for one and what (typical) qualifications should I expect her to have (and of course how I can check them). I was thinking of calling an agency but I am not sure if they will be able to send me the same nanny every time I need one, which is really important. I should also note that I am not sure which days and hours I will need her so I need a nanny which I will be able to notify (that I need her) a day or two earlier. Also, does anyone know how much do they charge? Thank you!

alarkaspree Wed 26-Oct-11 02:55:37

If you look at it from the nanny's point of view I think what you're asking is a bit unrealistic. If you just want someone for a few hours here and there, then whoever it is is going to have another occupation so they won't be able to be that flexible. I think you will have to compromise on either the flexibility - in which case you're maybe looking at a nanny with a part-time job who can do one day a week, or a student who has some afternoons free - or put up with having different people providing the nannying.

efthalia Wed 26-Oct-11 03:05:27

Thank you for your reply :-) I generally agree with you that's why I was wondering if anyone else who has the same problem, has found any solution... My main interest is the nanny to be really good and British so I am willing to compromise in the flexibility issue as long as I find one. If I wanted her for example to come for a few hours 2 or 3 times per week or on weekends do you think it would be easier to find one? Do I have to search through an agency in order to be on the safe side?

Oligo Wed 26-Oct-11 09:18:49

There may be some experienced nannies who are newly qualified or training maternity nurses who might grasp at any newborn experience. Try maternally yours or any newborn/maternity specific agency. Nannies are very popular in your area but often can't afford to live there so if you want to maximise the quality of applicants you may want to offer paying travel time if it takes an hour for them to get to you, or be very generous with pay, depending on number hours/if weekend (£10-16 gross/hour).

Agencies don't always (less often than they do) ime of over 10 years check references so parent should always do this anyway. They are no better at looking at how recent their CRB, first aid, qualifications (ideally you want at least level 3 in a childcare qualification- lots about as they keep changing) are than you are. And when they meet candidates they look for certain general things whereas you know specifically what you want and the feel of the nanny for you. Having said that some good nannies might only go through agencies. They also have a bank of lots to choose from esp. for temp. work, and can weed out those very unsuitable either at cv or interview stage.

However I feel a few hours ad hoc or at a weekend ad hoc is bit unattractive for those who have the pick of jobs though you might get lucky. By the time you've faffed with the agency registering etc. you might as well have faffed with a bit of free or low cost advertising: nannyjob,, netmums- you might have to pay to contact people yourself as might be expensive for a nanny to just respond for few hours and then not get the position. Could you consider swapping hours with another mum?

nannynick Wed 26-Oct-11 10:33:09

You won't know if anyone would be interested in such an arrangement unless you try advertising.
So put an ad on and and see what happens.
Note: You can not specify in an advert that you want someone female. You can though choose to hire who you like.
Not sure about specifing someone British. I'd be careful about that as well. Perhaps phrase it as, Good level of spoken English.

Don't rule people out too quickly if they can do the ad-hoc hours you want, as I feel very few people will be able to as flexible as you desire.

pinkdelight Wed 26-Oct-11 12:20:47

Why is it really important to you that it's the same nanny? Not being argumentative, just that IME it doesn't matter to the newborn as long as they are good nannies. I used an ad hoc agency with DS2 for a few hours/days each week from when he was very little till now when he's 10 months and he was always happy with whoever turned up, as was I, seeing as it was a reputable agency who did decent checks. Course it was a bit scary at first, but if you start off with just a few hours and it works out fine, your confidence grows.

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