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DS would love a trampoline but am worried about arguments it would cause!

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star1976 Mon 24-Oct-11 10:04:53

How do you cope???

Thing is I often have 7 kids so if I have to get them to take turns then they are waiting for 30 mins between goes. But I can't let DS on and not the minded kids cause that would not be fair.

But as it would be his trampoline how can I say he can't go on it.

Have put off getting him one for the past couple of years for this reason but he really really wants one!

What to do?

lesstalkmoreaction Mon 24-Oct-11 13:05:51

Most insurance policies don't cover trampolines as far as I can remember and you have to get seperate permission forms and make sure the trampoline is for the age intended, it was all too much hassle when I was childminding, much easier now as a nanny i've finally got one for my kids.
If you were taking turns though, half an hour is a long time, 10 minutes each would be ample then they would all get a turn then zip it up and move on to something else, or just use it for the school age children as mine is for age 6 and above I think.

star1976 Mon 24-Oct-11 15:19:09

Thanks, am tempted to get one and say that it is not a child minding toy, just for DS! But then I would feel mean not letting him on it when I am working (which seems to be ALL THE TIME).

Most of the kids I care for are aged 5 and over so most of them would want to use it. Just think it is a shame that my DS is missing out on something he would really love cause of my job.

hayleysd Mon 24-Oct-11 19:29:28

Why should he miss out because of your job? I would get him one and let him on it when he wanted. My son has toys he doesn't have to share and it's his house, if he doesn't want them in his room (which is registered), it's tough! I got sick of my kids missing out cos of others so have toughened up now!

531800000008 Mon 24-Oct-11 19:33:39

our tramp is at my mum's for these reasons

no easy solutions

thebody Mon 24-Oct-11 20:52:12

yes have the same problem, i have swing combination and have hired the swing to suit my dd who is 12.. she has a tramploine and when she comes in from school its hers, littlies have access to it during the day.

i dont have after schoolers so its easier for me but I think its fair enough to say that there are child minding toys and activities and there arnt, i.e for your own children only to use.

if parents or children kick up a fuss cite health and safety or insurance issues and say you would if you could but you cant let the childminded kids use these facilities..

star1976 Mon 24-Oct-11 21:40:16

Thanks you have helped me make up my mind. I know that a couple of the kids I care for will be particularly irritating by constantly asking to go on it but hopefully they will eventually give up the moaning!?!?

I do ask DS to keep stuff upstairs that he doesn't want the kids to touch and do feel sorry for him, think I need to toughen up as well! Trouble is a couple of the kids (same ones as mentioned above) just cannot seem to help themselves when it comes to touching things they have been told not to.

It is hard and do feel that my kids suffer sometimes cause of my job, but then have to tell them that at least they are lucky enough to have me with them instead of being at a childminders themselves.

star1976 Mon 24-Oct-11 21:42:06

@hayleysd - Just re read and see what you mean about his room, my DS' room is registered too but he only rarely chooses people to go up there with him and it is totally his choice.

thebody Tue 25-Oct-11 11:19:44

totally get you star I tell my dd (as kids do get on her nerves sometimes)

1 I work full time, if I worked full time outside of the home then she would have to go to a cm or some play scheme which both she and I would hate..

2 I work full time so she can have things.

3 I am always around to be her taxi.

4 she can lie in in the holidays.

to the irritating kids who will ask you if they can go on again and again, tell them finally they cant and if keep asking treat as unacceptable behaviour and institute your discipline policy... sounds hard but hey its life, these children probably have trampolines at home anyway, most do these days so dont feel bad.

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