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Observation and assessment HELP !

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littleoldme Sun 23-Oct-11 08:56:54

I've just completed my registration and start work next week. I'm a tad confused with the starting points for assessment. I understand the observation process but confused about the starting points assessment - the reams of stuff in eyfs documentaion divided into age ranges.

Is this to be done in addition to obs ? If so how to tie it in ? My brain hurts.

I used to a secondary teacher so I'm used to OFSTED form filling but would appreciate advice on this.


HSMM Sun 23-Oct-11 09:02:35

You could get their parents to give you some starting points. Likes, dislikes, favourite games, etc?

littleoldme Sun 23-Oct-11 09:29:39

I've done that but the documentation looks more prescriptive with very definate targets etc.

hayleysd Sun 23-Oct-11 20:09:16

You just need to link your Obs to the targets, I have a grid where you mark off when you cover each point, they usually meet loads right across the different areas.

HoneyPablo Mon 24-Oct-11 09:45:55

I work in a nursery and we do obs and assessment like this-
each child starts with a settling in report which is made up of information from parents on likes/dislikes, a key-person's observation of stages the child is at related to the 6 areas of learning, plus any other info from previous setting or room (if applicable).This info is used to determine next steps which are transferred to the planning for adult-led activities (we do 1 a week) and enhancement plans for each area of continuous provision.
For example. a child may start at the setting and really enjoy playdough at home. Key person may observe the child can use a rolling pin really well but speech may be still at 1 word sentences stage at 3 yrs. Planning might involve activities at the playdough table, using other tools, such as scissors, or other materials such as clay to work on physical development and the adult modelling language and communication to develop this area further.
I appreciate childminding is different to a nursery setting but I thought it might be useful to hear a different perspective.
We also use photo obs too. For example the child in the previous example might really enjoy the clay and spend a long time engaged in making a model. I would take a photo, describe what is happening and link it to as many areas as possible. Next steps (future planning) might include taking the clay outside to build on a large scale or providing large building materials outside, such as planks, tyres, material, cardboard boxes.

littleoldme Mon 24-Oct-11 17:39:21

Thanks evryone , this is really helpful.

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