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Nanny and Puppy

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5starjo Wed 19-Oct-11 18:35:22

Hi, I`m a longtime lurker, though rarely post.

I`m just after your thoughts really -if you can spare them.

If you went out to work and decided to get a new puppy, would you (and at which stage) think to discuss it with your nanny/housekeeper?

(Children at school 5&7)

I`m trying to work out if I am being stroppy, and would be grateful for any advice.

Thanks in advance

harrietthespook Wed 19-Oct-11 18:43:48

Absolutely. Especially if I expected anything in the way of help from her. Are you housebreaking the dog?

Would also clear that there were no allergies.

Serious imposition if not.

If I really wanted a dog and coudl commit the resources to it (my own or DH or the DCs) and the nanny was just so so about dogs but not allergic and it was important to me I would get one.

But you cannot expect the nanny to take over for you.

We would love a dog but it is too much responsibility for our childcarers.

MogandMe Wed 19-Oct-11 18:59:35

I recently thought my family were planning on getting a dog and was not pleased angry MB works long hours and it would be primarily me who would house-break the dog and then have to deal with it all the rest of the time - when she goes away etc.

Thankfully we have had a discussion and she has said No Pets grin

RitaMorgan Wed 19-Oct-11 19:01:36

If they nanny will be needed to do anything with the dog (so changing the terms of her job) then of course you'd need to discuss it with her, and find out if she is willing to add dog-care to her duties. And maybe renegotiate pay too.

nbee84 Wed 19-Oct-11 19:01:45

As Harriet says really - it is a change in working terms and conditions for the nanny, unless the dog will be shut away all day and the nanny will not need to let it out/clear up accidents/supervise the children's contact with it/feed it/walk it/train it.

stepmad Wed 19-Oct-11 20:48:51

i had this about ten years ago actually at that stage i was not a dog lover at all ,was attacked as a child so very weary.
The family had always wanted a dog and actually asked me what i thought as i would be at the home all day with it they did say that they would rather put off having a dog for a few years to keep me. Anyway they took me to meet the puppy several times once it was a yes DB was able to pop home during the day. I loved taking him for walks helping the children to bath him and dog sit. Really helped that it was disscused first.

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 20-Oct-11 00:39:23

my employers did this

db wanted a dog, mb wanted no 3 and i got landed with both grin

puppy was born one day before no 3, so i had a nb,(10 weeks when puppy came to live with us) 2.5 and just 5 anda 10week puppy - tbh it was HELL!!!!!

yes they did ask me if i minded having a dog, but i didnt expect them to get one the size of a horse!!!

many a tale of woofa has been on pets threads grin

yes i do love him, grin tbh he has a very soft part of my heart

hes 3 now, but god he was hard work and when potty training him, it drove me insane to have wees all over the floor

i feel bad when leaving him during the day alone when doing school runs/gym/swimming lessons etc - let alone when summer hols and out all day at zoo etc

guess slightly different in your case as you have 2 dc at school, where i had 2 at home and one at school

my biggest gripe was thought that db didnt train dog to poo in one part of the garden and he would poo all over it and it seriously PISSED me off to have to go and clean up the poo from the garden, as obv i HAD to do it as couldnt let the kids go and play in it

ChippingInToThePumpkinLantern Thu 20-Oct-11 01:14:36

Blondes - have you stayed on at your job?? I though you finished a month or so ago? Great news if you have stayed on smile

They should discuss it before they go out looking at puppies!! The nanny is going to have a lot more to do with the puppy than they are - it might be their house etc, but it's impacting on the nanny a lot more than them. Maybe it needs to be a clause in a nanny contract!!

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 20-Oct-11 01:28:47

no, i left end of august

got b/g twins of 16mths at the moment, been there 4 weeks and love it smile

babysat the other weekend for them and woofa totally adored me and almost sat on me the entire evening - all 10.5 stone of him grin

kids thrilled to see me as well - babs was a limpet to me till i put her to bed

in 20years of nannying ive only had woofa for 3 years - though tbh i would never take on a job where there was a dog there - its too much hassle and although the family say you dont need to do anything etc, in all honestly you do

the nanny cant leave him all day, needs to check he has water/food, go on poo check, walk or make sure he can get out to garden or you are cleaning up poo from house etc

ChippingInToThePumpkinLantern Thu 20-Oct-11 01:37:00

Oh lovely new job!! Lots of cuddles & fun!!

I bet 'your' kids & woofa have all missed you heaps!!

Yeah - 'We have a dog, it's OK, you don't need to do anything'... no of course you don't hmmgrin It's MORE work than having another child!!

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 20-Oct-11 10:01:17

I always said woofa was more work put together then the 3 Kids grin

ChippingInToThePumpkinLantern Thu 20-Oct-11 13:22:45


Are the twins a permanent job or a temp? Full time/part time? It's a lovely age grin

5starjo Thu 20-Oct-11 14:30:54

Thanks everyone, that`s very useful.

I`ll update as soon as I get the chance.

I wanted the opinions of both sides, so didn`t state which party I am - I am the nanny!

So, any further thoughts on what (if anything) I should do / say?

Thank you all

ChippingInToThePumpkinLantern Thu 20-Oct-11 14:44:15

I assumed you were the nanny - the parent wouldn't even be asking if they hadn't already thought to discuss it with the nanny smile

What stage of 'getting a puppy' are they at?

How do you feel about them getting a puppy?

Would you change jobs if they decide to go ahead if you don't want the hassle/responsibility??

NannyNat Tue 25-Oct-11 12:49:58

I was really annoyed when MB got a dog without discussing with me first as I'm there Monday to Friday. MB doesn't have time to walk him and because of where they live we have to drive somewhere to walk him as we're on a main road with no pavement and i don't like the thought of having DC in one hand and a mental lab in the other on a busy road.
I use my own car and its only small (a kia picanto) so i told MB that i don't want him in my car (as he doesn't fit in the boot) and she was quite put off by it.
Your definitely not being stroppy because it is like having another child in the house.
I hope for you they decide not to get one x

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