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Attracting a nanny in a fairly rural non-nanny hotspot

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Fishpants Mon 17-Oct-11 23:48:48

I live in the USA in a mid-size town (approx 50,000) but it's central US, far far away from the nanny hotspots of Chicago, New York, and L.A.

I've investigated a couple of local child care centers and found them sub-par. I haven't visited any CM's yet, but am thinking about a nanny. I was a nanny way back when, but in London where the nanny circuit is a busy hive of activity.

Any tips on attracting a nanny in these circumstances? It would be live-out, and nanny would have to provide their own car, but are there any little perks or bonuses you could think of that might sway a candidate?

The reason I'm leaning toward a nanny / CM is that I have to go back to work when baby is 6-8 weeks old and feel a home environment is more suitable for a newborn than a nursery. I hope to employ someone until DC is about 2-3, at which point I'll switch to nursery which I think will be more suited to our family at that time.

AKMD Tue 18-Oct-11 09:00:15

I think you would need to provide a car. If it's part of her job to drive your DC, you will definitely need to provide one and pay petrol.

RitaMorgan Tue 18-Oct-11 09:04:55

If the wage you are offering is higher than nursery wages, then I should think you'll have a good chance of finding someone. Is there a local college or university that does childcare/early childhood courses?

I don't think you need to provide a car, but you will need to pay mileage.

jendifa Tue 18-Oct-11 21:34:29

Are you planning on hiring someone from the USA or the UK? Lots of people would, I'm sure, be interested from UK but you would need to pay their visa generally.

Are you planning on a live in or live out nanny?

Fishpants Tue 18-Oct-11 21:45:29

Planning on hiring soemone from the US if possible, someone local. Almost everyone here has a car of their own so as long as I pay mileage I don't see that being a barrier. Obviously if I were to plump for a live-in from overseas I would provide a vehicle, but all that seems more complicated and costly...

I'm hoping I can find some nice local candidates, and barring that I'll probably use a CM.

GemmaBear Wed 19-Oct-11 14:33:26

Hey, I'm in the same situation in central Scotland and have struggled recently. We can make a car available and will pay well, but so far, no luck. I've now approached a couple of agencies (50+ miles away) and have advertised everywhere locally where they run childcare courses. There seems to be far more willingness to supply a live-in nanny over here - could it be that it is less hassle for them or just that they get paid more??! Hope your hunt goes well. Let me know how you get on - fingers are crossed for you! X

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 19-Oct-11 14:39:56

tbh i dont think you would have a major problem in finding someone - you say a mid size town - so not up a country lane in the middle of nowhere

personally a job with a car during working hours is essential to me but i know other nannies who are happy to use theirs

tbh most nannies are happy for their employers to come home on time and say the odd thank you - no real perks are needed, though a bunch of flowers/bottle of wine every now and again is very appreciated - just as is a christmas bonus wink

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