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CM Club - Childcare vouchers

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MaryPoppinsMagic Mon 17-Oct-11 18:29:25

Have any of you Childminders used these? I have a parent asking to use them so i just wondered how it all works etc?

Also, they currently pay me weekly so would i be better to get them paying monthly instead?

pecanpie Mon 17-Oct-11 19:40:53

I'm a parent and it's a really easy system. Generally the parent will send off for a pack or fill something in online and you'll receive something in the post. Once you've confirmed your bits e.g. OFSTED ref, bank details, date you'd like payment to process from voucher account to your bank account, you're all set up. Parents will pay you via the voucher system, usually monthly, and this will be processed to your bank account within usual BACS timelines, so you may want to change the date you request parents to pay you to cover this if necessary (or bear in mind the 3 day transfer time). Some providers are much quicker than others, some send email notifications when a payment is made etc so you can be 100% sure you've been paid to your voucher account. Childminders might have a better idea of which providers are better than others in terms of payment and transparency, but I've never had any problems with Edenred and Care 4 as a parent, despite different procedure for set up etc.
Different parents (even the 2 parents of one child) might have different voucher providers through their employer, so you may need to register with a number of providers, but it's a really easy system.

HSMM Mon 17-Oct-11 19:50:30

I take vouchers. I have registered with about 5 different companies now. You just need to find out which company(s) the parents are using and register with them. You can then use the same registration for other parents using that company.

Keep an eye on their payments, because they do sometimes come in late. I have started sending out invoices earlier, so that parents with vouchers can process them early.

It does mean a little bit of extra paperwork/admin for me, but it is such a huge benefit to the parents that I feel I really should do it.

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