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Leaving present for lovely nanny

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fruitcorner Sat 15-Oct-11 10:15:35

Our nanny is leaving after 3 years, does anyone have any ideas for a leaving present for her?

nannynick Sat 15-Oct-11 13:28:33

You know them better than we do grin so think about what sort of thing they might like.

Once thing I have kept a long time is a mug which had a drawing on. It was one of those ones where you send off a drawing and the company put it onto the mug and glaze it. It has lasted a good 11 years so far, fading a little now but it has been through the dishwasher lots of times.

These days there are places on some highstreets which will enable you to book a painting session whereby you paint mugs, then it gets glazed. Can take a week or so, depending on how soon it can be glazed. So that might be something to consider your child/children giving.

Then from you someone not personalised but something the nanny would like. I find a massage at my local health club is quite expensive, so I would quite like a voucher for that... but it isn't something everyone would want. So you need to consider what your nanny would like.

NotTheBlinkingGruffaloAgain Sat 15-Oct-11 17:41:51

pandora bracelet with a charm from each child?
That is one of the things I received as a leaving gift and I treasure it dearly.

nannynick Sat 15-Oct-11 18:12:54

But I would not want a pandora bracelet - no two nannies will be alike, thus why you need to have some idea of what your nanny would like.
What have they liked you getting in the past, such as say Christmas/Birthday?

NotTheBlinkingGruffaloAgain Sat 15-Oct-11 19:38:57

Obviously a guy wouldn't

ChippingInToThePumpkinLantern Sat 15-Oct-11 19:47:16

I think something to keep is nicer than something to use - myself. A piece of jewellery (it doesn't need to be expensive) or an ornament/paperweight - but only if you know her really well and could definitely choose something she would like. Have you been to her house? If you aren't sure you could get this right then I guess a bottle ot wine/flowers/chocolate & a voucher is the safest option. As well as something from the kids that they have made - even just a drawing.

HappyAsIAm Mon 17-Oct-11 13:41:35

I always give our nanny vouchers for John Lewis. Then she can buy something she really wants or needs. I've always done it this way, and our nanny has always seemed very pleased. I think its because I absolutely love receiving vouchers as a gift so that I can choose my own treat.

callaird Mon 17-Oct-11 15:49:34

I would prefer something with a little thought put into it, like Nick says, you have known her for 3 years you must know what she is interested in. Two of my previous families have brought me a camera and equipment because my hobby is photography, others have brought me a very nice piece of jewelry (a ring that I have been wearing for 22 years! A bracelet (choosen by the children) which broke after 6 years so had it melted down to make the children's initials for a charm bracelet I already had (the parents paid for that when they found out!) a silver bangle with the boys names and dates I worked to and from engraved on the inside (which I adore and wear all the time) and some beads for my troll bracelet; initials of the children or beads that mean something to the children (a hedgehog because he loves hedgehogs a red bead because anothers favourite colour is red, three siblings bead from a family with three children and some just choosen by the children because they thought I would like them (so much for my silver bead only bracelet!!!)))

Also the requisite photos in frames, cups/bowls/plates with photos/handprints/drawings from the children and Eeyore soft toys (have to remember not to tell the children that Eeyore is my favourite when watching the Heffalump movie!) And usually a bonus varying from £50 to a months wages!

Have also been given a few presents which I no longer have, a winter coat which she brought me because I never wore coats and I made her feel cold (I never wore it and I think my mum had it in the end.) A very expensive handbag for the same reason, I never use a handbag and feel safer with things in my pocket or the nappy bag! I think mum had that too.

I would say put some thought into it and buy something you know she'll keep for ever and see/use everyday and remind her of the children (and you!)

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