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Live In Nanny - do I provide towels & bedding? (sorry for silly question)

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Bellaby Sat 15-Oct-11 06:45:35

just that really. Anything else I might have forgotten?

I was thinking of putting together some info for when nanny starts - shops, parks, schedule for child

Any tips greatly appreciated. Getting a bit nervous about the whole thing. It's strange to think that in a few weeks I'll be entrusting my pfb to someone I've spent a couple of hours with [hsile]

Julesnobrain Sat 15-Oct-11 08:34:51

Hi yes you provide all of these, I also provide hairdryer, dressing gown etc and I presume you have kitted out her room with tv, DVD etc? I think it would be great to put some local info together especially of local toddler / baby groups. I would also include some houserules as it is hard coming into someone's home and understaning the nuances of that home. For instance when does she do her washing. With yours?, are you providing all meals but what about weekends?, can she have friends over? To also stay the night? What if they are male.? Is there enough water for her to have a shower at say 6.30am when in fact that is the time your DH needs one for example or would you pref she showers in the evening.

Hope that helps

confusedpixie Sat 15-Oct-11 08:47:19

I've always been provided them but have never needed them really. Definitely let her know about the quirks of your shower system if more than one is in the shower at the same time, in my last job my shower didn't work and lost all of its cold water if somebody was in the shower downstairs! but to be fair, I don't think they knew that little quirk before I started!

Maybe an extension lead or two, I tend to take them with me but they're always useful.

Let her know if she can use blutack on the walls or not and if not, give her a decent sized space to put up photos and other personal effects (the door or side of a cabinet for example).

Make sure there is plenty of storage space.

Maybe gym/swimming pool info as well in your pack? How much each gym costs per month or per swim etc. Include a few 'treat'-like shops like good chocolate/sweet shops and health food shops, then the bog standard boots, doctors, pharmacist info.

anewyear Sat 15-Oct-11 09:00:03

If she doesnt drive how about local bus/train time tables.
Numbers for local taxi firms

Bellaby Sat 15-Oct-11 11:00:23

This is fantastic - thanks. Lots of things i hadnt thought of

Our nanny will have her own separate accommodation so hopefully won't have any issues with space, hot water etc so think main thing will be about sharing the washing machine.

She will have her Own kitchen so I guess she'll decide whether she will use that or our kitchen during her working hours and then do her own thing at weekends.

Thank you smile

jendot Sat 15-Oct-11 13:09:43

You space or hers during working hours:
With seperate accom for a nanny I think its VERY important that nanny knows the ground rules for being in 'her' accomodation during working hours...

Personally I would want her and baby to be in my house all the time she is working (not that I like to sneak in at odd hours to check what she is doing!) I wouldn't want her retreating off to lock herself in her flat with the baby...doing her housework, cleaning her kitchen, cooking dinner for the mates she has coming over for supper etc etc while she was meant to be working.

But maybe thats just me??

confusedpixie Sat 15-Oct-11 16:24:52

Leaflets for local attractions. That's one of the other things I do quickly when I get somewhere new.

PigfartsPigfartsHereICome Sat 15-Oct-11 19:37:04

I used to have the same set up, with me living in a seperate basement flat. I was provided towels though I ended buying my own as the ones provided were white and I worried about accidently dying them in the wash! I was provided with a sheet, duvet and cover, pillows and cases, TV though I didn't use it. Also wi-fi, as the flat was below the house so I used theirs as it was the same address.

Make sure they know where the electric box thingy and water stop is, how to work the heating, the guest thing is very important so that they know whether they could have guests. I was ok to have overnight guests, anyone really, as they trusted me with the children and so trusted my judgement.

The next job was also seperate but was over the road, I had to sort my own internet (trickier than you think as this was in France!). My boss gave me the code for their own wi-fi and let me come over in the evenings until mine was sorted. Again I was provided towels, bedding, even a flannel!

Both of these seperate-living jobs gave me all cooking stuff like a saucepan, plates and cutlery, glasses. One thing it may be worth checking if they need hangers, I had my stuff in suitcases for a week until I was able to get some!

Be specific regarding whether thay can go to theirs during the working day- both times for me, my bosses were more than happy for me to go home to grab something (coat if its raining, forgotten library card etc). They never said I couldn't take the children their for a longer period but I wouldn't want to, my home is my space and I don't want children bumbling round it! I certainly wouldn't go there to cook in the middle of the day unless I didn't have the children (occasionally the baby was in hospital for a few days so I would have the middle of the day off when elder siblings at school).

Let them know if there's a phone line, if you are providing a phone or expect them to do it. In one job I sorted it all myself, in the other they gave me a phone and told me where the phone line was but I would have had to have sorted it myself. Didn't bother! No need.

The food thing is more complicated- with all my live-in, in the house, jobs I've been told I can use any food I need whenever I need it, though I ended buying most of my own as I have different tastes. With seperate accomadation, you can provide food on duty but unless you want them in the house all the time something needs to be sorted. In the basement flat job, I had a food allowance of £20 a week, more than enough for all food off duty. That was 2 years ago. In the France job I wasn't given any and my contract stated I could only have one meal a day on duty anthing else would be a disciplinary matter (!) which meant I couldn't eat with the little boy and I had to provide my own breakfast on the days when I stayed over for babysitting.

mranchovy Sat 15-Oct-11 21:10:17

Are you aware that HMRC normally view separate accomodation as a taxable benefit?

MogandMe Sat 15-Oct-11 21:54:09

I am live in and provided with bedding and towels. I also have a tv, dvd player and freeview box.

I totally agree about coat hangers or one of those over the door hooks for jackets/coats etc.

I also have a wash basket in my room - again it's a little thing like the coat hangers which help make life a little easier.

Agree if you have any house rules then let her know; can she use the tumble drier, do you turn off appliances ie microwave when you're finished, can she use the house phone for ingoing/outgoing calls. Is she eating with the children, if not where can she eat. Is she allowed food in her room etc.

Bellaby Sun 16-Oct-11 20:16:34

So much more to this than I thought!

MrA - does it still count as a benefit if we will retain use of a room within the separate accomodation?

Not that it matters as our new nanny has just cancelled on us a week before she was due to start - grrrr

MogandMe Sun 16-Oct-11 20:19:36

Oh No Bellaby

Why? What are you going to do?

Bellaby Sun 16-Oct-11 20:40:08

Long story - basically nanny wasn't happy in her current position as really didn't get on with the Mum. We sent her the contract 3 weeks ago and kept chasing her to sign it and she kept reassuring us that there wasn't a problem, how excited she was about looking after a baby girl, and asking when she could bring her things over. Today she sends an email (not even the decency to phone) saying it's complicated and she doesn't feel she can abandon the little boy she currently looks after.

This is a nanny with over 20 years experience so I find it astonishing!

Guess now we'll have to try and find another one. We originally started looking in August to avoid this kind of problem

mranchovy Sun 16-Oct-11 21:52:31

Oh I am sorry Bellaby, what a pain.

Also I may be guilty of spreading a rumour re. separate accomodation. Some nanny payroll agencies say there is a problem (e.g. here, and I remember a case being reported relatively recently...

But it seems to me that according to HMRC there shouldn't be a problem - at least since 2003.

I will do some checking up on this, in the mean time if you want to be safe I suggest you write to HMRC and/or take professional advice.

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