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nanny has not submitted CRB form nearly 3 months late

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littlesue Fri 14-Oct-11 16:03:23

When I employed my nanny I said I would like to get her Ofsted registered so I could use my vouchers in September when DS started school. She started on one or two days and for babysitting over the summer. She agreed to the registration as it adds to her qualifications (NVQ3).

So in June I applied for her to get her first aid and bought her nanny insurance. Ofsted registration was completed in July and paid for. She is extremely slow in completing forms and often I have to check and correct them.

She worked abroad so we (I had to get the form for her from the internet as she couldn't work it out even though she spent time in that country and I don't even speak the lingo) have to get crb overseas which she has sat on for 2 months.

Today I found out she hasn't even submitted the UK crb which will take another 8 weeks. I am furious. Why say you want to be ofsted registered when you can't be bothered. I've spent time and money on this process. I feel like giving up and going back to using my excellent childminders.

Now I am worried there may be a reason except apathy why she hasn't completed the crb - criminal past that has not been disclosed? She is OK as a nanny - I need me to tell her what to do, when, where etc, so lacks initiative although to be fair she has only worked as a mother's help and at pre-schools before. I'm finished with my rant now. Wouldn't nannies jump at the chance to be Ofsted registered if the employer paid for it?

Ebb Fri 14-Oct-11 16:15:40

Print out the forms again and sit her down after work one day and make her fill them in. Yes, most nannies would be very grateful for the employers to pay for Ofsted registration as it mainly benefits the employer rather than the nanny. She sounds a bit unenthusiastic. Is she quite young? As a side note though, your nanny should have paid for her own nanny insurance.

ChippingIn Fri 14-Oct-11 16:31:49

No, I don't think most nannies would jump at the chance to be Ofsted Registered - there's no advantage to the nanny, none at all.

However, she agreed to let you do it, she should have done what needed to be done. I wouldn't assume she has anything to hide - she just sounds incompetent and lazy.

littlesue Fri 14-Oct-11 16:36:58

She's 24 but young for her age. I paid for the insurance as part of the Ofsted process. As you say it benefits me so no problem with that. Really, I'm beginning to wonder if she wants to be a nanny or whether it's something she fell into as her mum works at a preschool and for some time they worked together.

I really don't have time to recruit - as I said she's OK - she does the job of dropping off, picking up and heating up some food for DS and keeping him occuppied until I get home.

littlesue Fri 14-Oct-11 16:39:48

I thought it would be an advantage to be Ofsted registered especially when looking for a new job as more employers offer childcare vouchers. Wish I hadn't even started the process as I'm out of pocket by £270 and still don't have registration and loads of vouchers in my account! Lesson learned.

fraktious Fri 14-Oct-11 16:42:24

She needs to be paying for her insurance or it could be invalid should you ever need/want to claim.

Has she done the overseas form? She has to do that before the crb or it'll be sent back.

ChippingIn Fri 14-Oct-11 16:43:41

Are you intending for her to stay less than a year?

littlesue Fri 14-Oct-11 16:47:27

Yes she finally did the crb form as I checked it, paid for the registration and sent it off.

Oh didn't realise there could be a problem with me paying her insurance but my fault as I offered to pay. I need to check the T&Cs although it is highly unlikely I will claim.

fraktious Fri 14-Oct-11 16:49:14

You should ask her to reimburse you for the insurance in any case, so that's a little better.

But yes, in future only accept candidates who are in a position to register immediately if that's important to you.

banana87 Fri 14-Oct-11 16:52:30

"Wouldn't nannies jump at the chance to be Ofsted registered if the employer paid for it?"

I wouldn't! Ofsted registered=headache in my opinion as you are subject then to their inspections, etc. And they require A LOT of paperwork.

But that's beside the point. The only helpful thing I can possibly say is that the most recent 2 CRB checks I have done have come back very quickly, i.e. in less than 4 weeks.

Hope your nanny gets her act together!

littlesue Fri 14-Oct-11 16:53:26

We were planning to employ her until we no longer need her - she doesn't drive, but has been learning for a number of years. I expect there will come a point when driving becomes important to the job, ie dropping and picking up DS from friends, activities, parties and all that. When does all that start? So far I've been using taxis here and there when needed but within our small town.

nannynick Fri 14-Oct-11 20:31:02

The problem I suspect is that they have worked/lived abroad. That can add a considerable delay to the CRB check process.
Sounds like she, with your help, has been able to get the right information from the country she lived in. If that Certificate Of Good Conduct (or whatever it is called in that country) is not in English, then it's needs to be translated - the Embassy here in the UK may be able to arrange that.
Note: CRB will want 5 years worth of addresses, so if they have moved around a lot, there can be many addresses and different countries involved.

She has sat on the information for a while... that isn't helpful. As soon as the paperwork comes through, gets translated, it then needs to be added to the rest of the information that the CRB are wanting to be able to process the check (Enhanced Disclosure). Once every document is available it can then be presented to the CRB, however they are doing that these days - I had to take all my documents to the postoffice, but the process may have changed. Would love to know what the current process is.

>need me to tell her what to do, when, where etc, so lacks initiative although to be fair she has only worked as a mother's help and at pre-schools before.

Sounds to me as though she is needs a lot of reminding to do things. So go through with her on a regular basis what paperwork is still needed, what she has already got, so that you know what stage she is at in terms of finding all the paperwork needed to be able to apply for the CRB check.

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