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Crap...lost folder with psyslips and p45 in

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MilkNoSugarPlease Thu 13-Oct-11 11:37:20

3 years of payslips and p45s.....horrible horrible feeling its been chucked in a giant clear out

Is this terrible? Do I desperately need them?! will nannytax reprint them??

Crap crap crap

fraktious Thu 13-Oct-11 11:51:03

Calm smile it's okay.

Are you planning to buy a house very soon or rent somewhere?
Do you do SE work or fill in a self assessment?

If not then yes, you should get them and NT should be able to reprint but it's not screamingly urgent. It would take me a while to locate mine.

Lily311 Thu 13-Oct-11 12:20:50

I'm sure they will. Nannypaye did reprint mine as I needed to provide 3 months when applied for mortgage and also when I applied for British passport at the same time. I just called them, explained that I needed payslips and within a couple of days I received them.

MilkNoSugarPlease Thu 13-Oct-11 12:39:39

<takes deep breath> thank you!!!

Not buying or renting anywhere so that's ok!
....they can't copy the p45 can they? In which case, how do i sort it out at a future job or incase if any problems with tax?

Can I ring nannytax or does my boss have to?

Thank-you again!!!!

fraktious Thu 13-Oct-11 13:11:49

Don't see why they wouldn't be able to reproduce your total earnings summary?

If not your payslips will just need to be evidence.

mranchovy Thu 13-Oct-11 23:39:33

They can't give you another P45, but they can give you the information that is on it which you can use for your tax return/claiming a refund/any other tax issues. If you start another job (or sign on) you will go on to emergency tax code for a while, until HMRC sends your employer the details from the copy of the P45 that is sent to them - if this happens after the end of the tax year you could overpay tax for the year so would need to apply for a refund.

Are you sure you have claimed back any refunds you might be due for those 3 years?

MilkNoSugarPlease Fri 14-Oct-11 00:17:51

I received a tax rebate last August but nothing since

Am trying to become OFSTED registered, will the lack of P45 be a problem do you know?

And does anyone know if nannytax will send copies of all payslips? Will pay if need be...they were weekly for the first 5 months then monthly

Thank you, this incompetent idiot genuinely appreciates your help!!

mranchovy Fri 14-Oct-11 00:30:04

Your P45 is nothing to do with OFSTED.

You only need your last payslip from each job, plus any P60s from jobs you were in at 5th April each year. Ring them and ask - their system has all the information (assuming all your employers used nannytax) so it is just a matter of how much they might charge for the trouble.

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