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How to ask how long AP is planning to stay?

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singlevillagemum Thu 13-Oct-11 10:22:43

Ok, this may sound silly, but any advice from those with AP experience would be welcomed.

When I set up the contract with our 1st AP I stated that I wanted a minimum of 6 months commitment, which she agreed by email. However I got sick and my brain was a bit fuzzy when she arrived and although we talked through things like routine, expectations, classes etc we didn't actually talk about duration specifically.

I now feel a bit odd about how to bring it up. Would you just leave it and revisit it nearer to the 3-4 month mark [we are entering week 2], Do I wait and see what length college course she enrols on and guess from that. It wouldn't have concerned me but when we went to the bank to open her account, the only question she asked was how easy was it to close the account, which made me a little nervous. Although generally she seems quite comfortable and managing well.

My main concern is that we were spectacularly let down by childminders before, one who violated contract and cancelled without notice. One who was so appalling that his school recommended withdrawing him and it's all left me a bit shell shocked towards childcare and reliability, and I have nightmare visions of randomly being given a weeks notice and finding myself totally stuck again.

Advice/reassurance would be very welcome!!

harrietthespook Thu 13-Oct-11 10:43:35

No I would ask her outright now- "I just wanted to confirm you will be with at least until x time..."

StillSquiffy Thu 13-Oct-11 12:58:47

I would try to put it to the back of your mind. Even if you asked her, she could still up and leave, so it won't be that assuring. And you may find in 3 months time that she isn't workign out and you may want her to move on. Second week in is still very early days.

WRT her comment about the bank account, I wouldn't worry too much - some countries have exchange rules that prevent you from emptying your account, some charge fees that lock you in for a year or more, and so on. Her comment doesn't mean anything.

I'd simply assume that she's staying and leave it at that. Once you've got to know her you'll naturally have chats about her plans for the future, career aspirations, and so on, and you'll get a good idea then.

catepilarr Thu 13-Oct-11 14:48:05

i second squiffy re opening and closing accounts, i dont think its as easy as straightforward anywhere in europe as it is in the uk. in my country you pay for opening as well as closing the account, in addition to monthly charges or charges for taking money out of a cash maschine.

singlevillagemum Fri 14-Oct-11 08:29:24

Thanks for the reassurance, I think stillsquiffy and catepilarr might be right as her bank card arrived yesterday and she must have asked about 15 times over dinner "how much they take" for using it in shops, restaurants and to take money out.
Wow, these cultural differences are confusing!
Hope this AP thing gets easier with practice.

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