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Nanny for 4 children all at school - what duties should I be looking to include in contract?

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mulranno Wed 12-Oct-11 18:39:00

My nanny will work 12-7 3 days a week first child is back from school at 3 - what jobs should she be doing 12-3 and then 3-7?

nannynick Wed 12-Oct-11 20:30:05

Back from school? No school collection then - ever? Even if children stay for a after-school club?

Bedding - washing, getting dry, putting fresh bedding on bed.
Baking - Cakes, Bread, cakes for the school bake sale. Would probably also involve the children helping, such as by them decorating cakes after school.
General Vac/Sweep & Tidy - basic cleaning and tidying
Hunt the ~~~ (library book, blazer, tv remote control, whatever is currently lost)
Clothes - Washing, Hanging to dry, folding, putting away.

drinkyourmilk Wed 12-Oct-11 21:24:12

I'd say anything child related.
*Care of their clothes and linens - including ironing if necessary or taking to dry cleaners, and changing beds.
*Care of the childrens toys and games- tidying them, mending where possible and keeping them clean and organised (i'm even washing the outside toys down this week during naps and putting them into the garage for winter)
*Care of the childrens rooms/spaces - NB most nannies these days won't clean them though I still think of that as traditional nursery duties- running a vacuum round, and organising them is run of the mill though.
*Preparing evening meal and also keeping the freezer stocked for emergency/weekend use with childrens meals if you like.
*Child related errands - like buying new school/music bits, pressies for parties, returning library books or getting new ones out (ie for a school project - or i used to hire books on cd for the car), special shop - ie for a party or playdate,
*Keeping childrens disposable items well stocked (ie nappies, toothpaste, any items on prescription etc)

Most nannies will also empty the dishwasher on arrival, take delivery of online grocery deliveries and put it away, run general errands like dry cleaners, post office etc.

You will probably find that she is very busy the first month or so getting used to the placement of everything and the routine and will then it will slow down a bit and she'll have a spare half hour or so. Remember that in holidays she will have the kids around so may not be able to run lots of errands.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 12-Oct-11 22:56:24

3-7 she will be sorting out tea (if hasnt made it 12/3) and homework

(spelling/reading/maths/english as well as science projects) that was my 7yr - as well as then teaching/listening to 4/5yr learn to read and spell etc plus you have an extra 2 school children so very much doubt she will have time for chores

mulranno Fri 14-Oct-11 08:24:28

thanks all --- NN - no pick ups as I do am runs and other mums drop back...

eurycantha Fri 14-Oct-11 09:57:28

I look after three school age children[Waves to Blondes]We come in at 3.30 do reading ,spellings Maths,any homework .I sort out dinner usually something I`ve cooked earlier in the day.Then dinner then play /tv while I tidy up and get clothes ready for the next day and sort out kit ,show and tell items,supervise if playing in the garden.then bathtime .I actually work from 7 til 6.30 and I do everything mentioned above by Nick and Drinkyourmilk.

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