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Sharing information with other providers

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woahthere Mon 10-Oct-11 22:43:29

I have been cm'ing for a while but haven't officially done this yet oooppss. I am aware that Ofsted will have a dim view on this. One of the children I look after goes to the same preschool my son goes to and I am a committee member for it so do know quite well what goes on there and how it all works, I also do the rota once a term and am there when my mindee is there, but I havent shared information with them in an official capacity.
The other child i look after goes to a nursery as well as me, I havent made contact with them yet. What I would like to know is what contact should I make and what kind of information gets shared, how often and by what means. Obviously they are as crap as me as they have made no contact with me either! But I do want to get onto this, but just unsure how much is expected and what is a good workable way to do it. Thanks in advance for any advice! x

AMYJ1234 Tue 11-Oct-11 13:50:04

hi, I gave the school nursery a letter signed my the parent (i kept a signed copy for evidence for ofsted) to say the parent gives permission for info from the nursery to be shared with me. I kept nursery newsletters and showed how I was supporting his learning by doing a related activity.(all kept in a folder to show OFSTED!!) ALso when the children start, i have filled in a transition form to show the stage of development the children are at and what they can do.
If I think of anything else I will let you know! x

lesstalkmoreaction Tue 11-Oct-11 16:56:59

I used an a5 notebook calling it home/nursery/childminders info, on the inside cover was a signed letter from mum to say she was happy for all concerned to share info. I then wrote an introductory front page to the nursery introducing myself. On the first page i put a photo of the mindee at my home and a brief description of his day with me and what he enjoyed doing and what he didn't enjoy. I then asked mum to pass it on.
It was really successful and interesting as there was things he preferred doing at nursery than with me and vice versa. If they did a really good activity I was able to build on it and share what we had done.
Mum also enjoyed it and in the holidays would add new things that the mindee had achieved.
I kept it very simple and occasionally it didn't make it out of the bag and went missing a couple of times but on the whole it was fine. I never did get to show it to ofsted though as he has now moved on, gutted!!

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